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PhD Program in Cognitive Neuroscience Course List

Core Courses:

1. Neuroscience I (3 Cr)
Professors: Wallman & Zeigler

2. Neuroscience II (3 Cr)
Professors: Wallman & Zeigler

3. Neuroscience III / Cognitive Neuroscience I (3 Cr)
Professor: Ro

4. Statistics I (3 Cr)
Professor: Rosario

5. Statistics II (3 Cr)
Professor: Rosario

6. Neuroanatomy (3 Cr)
Professor: Foxe, Smiley

7. Ethics (3 Cr)
Professor: Spielman

8. Colloquium (3 semesters Mandatory Attend) (1 Cr each)
Visiting Speakers

Total Credits in Core: 24 Credits

At Least 2 Elective Courses:

Neurobiology of Learning and Motivation (3 Cr)
Professor: Horvitz

Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Memory (3 Cr)
Professor: Mangels
Neuroscience of Sleep (3 Cr)
Professor: Spielman

Signal Processing for the Neurosciences (3 Cr)
Professor: Parra

Advanced Neuroimaging Techniques (3 Cr)
Team Taught Course

Language and Thought (3 Cr)
Professor: Tartter

Neurophysiology of Attention and Performance (3 Cr)
Professor: Ro

Neuropsychology (3 Cr)
Professor: Gomes

Developmental Neuroscience (3 Cr)
Professor: Gomes

Psychopathology (3 Cr)
Team Taught Course

Psychopharmacology (3 Cr)
Professor: Fishbein
Additional electives are available at the 10 other doctoral psychology programs, as are relevant courses at Sophie Davis, in the Neuroscience Department and in Biomedical Engineering.

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