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CCNY Undergraduate Psychology Honors Program

The Honors Program offers a high-achieving and highly motivated student an opportunity to do an original research project. This section describes the advantages of participating in the Honors Program and then tells you more about what the Honors Program requires and how to qualify for participation. If you want to complete the Honors Program you have to plan ahead.

Advantages of Being an Honor Student

There are several benefits to being an Honor student:

  1. It looks great on your record when you apply for jobs or to graduate school; that is, it might give you the competitive edge in obtaining admission or a job because you have experience working independently.
  2. Getting to know a faculty mentor on a one-to-one basis make learning more interesting and may allow you to earn a stronger letter of recommendation which is very helpful in obtaining graduate school admission or employment after graduation.
  3. It allows you to earn credits in a way that is a little bit different than typical courses, adding a little variety to your education and, perhaps, allowing increased flexibility in scheduling;
  4. The skills you learn will help you to perform well in both graduate school and on a job.

Take a look at the most common frequently asked questions about the Honors Program: FAQs


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