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CCNY Undergraduate Psychology Program

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The Undergraduate Degree Program in Psychology offers courses that allow students exposure to a wide range of theoretical perspectives, research methods and the application of many perspectives to a wide range of social and community issues. Fieldwork placement, independent study, the Honors Program and the B.A.-M.A. track offer students opportunities to work closely with faculty on projects that examine social, cultural, clinical, cognitive, biological and educational influences on behavior.  Details on the undergraduate program are included in the Undergraduate Handbook, a bound copy of which we provide free of charge in the department's main office (NAC 7/120).

There are opportunities to work in departmental labs, to assist as therapeutic aides in the Psychological Center, and to work on off-campus research and service projects. Students are also encouraged to use the many resources on campus and available through the Internet to support and enhance their undergraduate experience.

Both the B.A. and the B.S. are degree options for Psychology Majors and require students to complete a set of three core courses in Psychology—Introduction, Statistics, and Research Methods. These courses provide students with the basic background that they need to understand the range of questions psychologists raise and how they explore them using research methods.

Students who major in psychology sample from the wide diversity of the Department’s survey courses in each of four major areas of psychological inquiry: Developmental, Social/Personality, Cognitive, and Biological. All classes attempt to examine normality/abnormality, culture, history and systems of psychology, and critical thinking skills.

The goals of our curriculum are to sharpen students’ abilities to observe behavior, ask questions, evaluate options critically, and reach conclusions based on careful reasoning. We expect students to be able to be able to critically consider claims about human psychological abilities and qualities.


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