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RAP-SI* (Retention, Achievement, Professionalism Success Institute) is a CCNY mentoring program. RAP-SI is a project of CUNY BMI (Black Male Initiative). Our mission is to increase, encourage, and support the retention and educational success of black males and other under-represented groups in higher education, through:

  • Structured Peer Mentoring
  • E-Mentoring
  • Speaker/Workshop forums
  • Student Support

All programs and activities of the Black Male Initiative are open to all academically eligible students, faculty and staff, without regard to race, gender, national origin, or other characteristic.

RAP-SI (BMI) strives to maintain an active schedule of events and activities. There are weekly RAP Sessions, speaker series and other workshop offered each year. They are always free and open to all. Starting in Fall 2015 the brand new RAP-SI Club will be open for membership. The Club will focus on public speaking, community service and recruitment as well as social activities. Join RAP-SI today or sign up for our newsletter or download our brochure.


*In affiliation with the Department of Psychology