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Faculty Travel Program


All application deadlines for FY15 travel have passed.
New information will be posted if the Travel Program is extended to FY16.

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce the FY15 Faculty Travel Program, which supports out-of-town faculty travel to:

  • disseminate the results of research, creative activities or other scholarly endeavors; or
  • develop new funding opportunities.
Three types of trips are supported, each with separate funding levels and eligibility requirements. Domestic travel is defined as travel to any of the 50 states, U.S. Territories and Commonwealths, Canada or Mexico. International travel is defined as travel to any country other than those listed above. 
  1. Domestic Funding Opportunity Travel
  2. Domestic Conference Travel
  3. International Conference Travel

The program is available to full-time faculty and funded from Indirect Cost Returns generated from external grants awarded to CCNY faculty. Faculty Travel awards are not designed to fund 100% of the expenses but rather to assist by defraying a significant portion of the travel costs. Faculty are always encouraged to explore other mechanisms to fund their trips. 


Applications for travel in FY15 will be reviewed according to the schedule below.  Faculty may submit applications at any time, but award decisions will be made three times per year.  Faculty therefore may not receive an award decision before the start of their trip.

Round 1 - July 2014

  • Application deadline: July 1
  • Award decisions: July 15
  • NOTE: In future years, Round 1 will take place in May (May 15 deadline and May 31 decisions)

Round 2 - September 2014

  • Application deadline: September 15
  • Award decisions: September 30

Round 3 - January 2015

  • Application deadline: January 15
  • Award decisions: January 31

Guidelines and Application Form