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Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

2013 Decisions

The Physician Assistant Program selection process is now over. Please check your e-mail regarding your status of rejection. Rejected applicants are divided into various categories. Please view the list below regarding these categories.

Category 1: Completed PA Program Application / Not Academically Eligible

Category 2:
Incomplete PA Program Application (by 3/15 deadline) / Not Academically Eligible

Category 3: Completed PA Program Application / Incomplete UAPC Application

Category 4:
Incomplete PA Program Application (by 3/15 deadline)/ Academically Eligible

Category 5: Incomplete PA Program Application / Incomplete UAPC Application

Category 6: Completed PA Program Application/ Academically Eligible- NO INTERVIEW

Category 7:
Interviewed Applicants - No admission

Your e-mail will tell you which category you have fallen under. The program will offer academic assistance to applicants who fall under Categories 1 & 2. Ms. Mary McDaniels Brown, Director of Recruitment will take appointments beginning July 8th. Please call the program at that time to schedule an appointment. 212-650-7745.

Someone from the program will be available to inform applicants on any missing documents or criteria that has made the applicant ineligible for interview. Please be advised that no one from the program is authorized nor will offer any input as to why an interviewed applicant or non interviewed/academically eligible applicant was not accepted into the program.