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Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

Admission Questions

How many applications do I fill out and where do I send them?

There are TWO (2) applications that must be completed and submitted. One (1): the UAPC Transfer application which is completed and submitted ONLINE ONLY. The second is the Physician Assistant Program application which can be downloaded and printed from the website.  Send this application, along with the required documents to the P.A. Program office as indicated in the instructions accompanying the application. Please refer to the application checklist for guidance. Both applications can be completed simultaneously. Please make sure you've completed all prerequisites BEFORE applying.


Do I need to have letters of reference/recommendation to apply?

Yes. At least three (3) letters of reference/recommendation are required for your application to be considered complete. To be competitive, these letters of recommendation should include at least one (1) from a physician or physician assistant who can attest, from first-hand experience, any abilities the applicant will bring to the profession. The letters must be included in your initial application. If the initial applicant profile does not include the above items, the file will not be reviewed for consideration by the Admission Committee.


Does the program participate in CASPA?

No, at the present time the program does not participate in CASPA.  


Do you accept CLEP, AP, FIQWIS, or Graduate Level credits?

The program does not offer advanced standing for required coursework of the P.A. Program curriculum. The City College will review all coursework submitted by applicants for transfer credit towards satisfying the graduation requirements of the City College of New York, College of Liberal Arts and Science.


How many applications are received by the P.A. Program during each admissions cycle?

Currently applications average 250 – 300 per year. There are approximately 7 – 10 applicants for each of the 35 seats the program offers. We require accepted applicants to send a letter of intent to attend as well as send a non-refundable deposit to hold the offered seat.


When will I receive a response from the program?

Once you have applied to the Physician Assistant Program and your application has been received, you will receive an e-mail of acknowledgment. If anything is missing from your application packet, you will be notified. You may call the office if you want to verify receipt of your completed application. The University Application Processing Center (UAPC) is responsible for information regarding your transfer application.  UAPC can be contacted at 212-997-CUNY.


I have already received a bachelor's (or higher) degree. What steps do I have to take in order to apply?

All applicants must complete prerequisite and other requirements before you apply to the program. You may complete any missing coursework at a college of your choice. Please note that some community college credit will not transfer to the degree. Contact the Recruitment Director 212 650-7746 for information regarding transferability of courses. ALL MINIMUM requirements must be met in order to be considered an eligible applicant to the program.


Residency & Citizenship

Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States and possess a valid social security number in order to apply to the P.A. Program.


I am a Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG). Am I eligible to apply to the P.A. Program?

Yes. FMGs and graduates from foreign institutions may apply through the same online UAPC application process as U.S. graduates. However, if the applicant has not attended college in the U.S., he/she must complete 6 credits in English (non-remedial) and 3 credits in Math (Pre-Cal) before the process can begin. Transcripts MUST be evaluated and a U.S. equivalency must be determined. This evaluation is performed by an on staff translator at UAPC. This evaluation of the foreign transcript and completed of the required 9 credits must be completed before applying to the program. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will not be considered for admission to the P.A. Program.


I have a foreign degree. Must I retake several science classes in the U.S. to update my knowledge base?

While major sciences may have been completed several years ago, we strongly recommend that some of the prerequisite coursework be completed at a U.S. college or university to cover new material which may not have been offered more than 7 years ago.

I am having difficulties understanding/navigating the UAPC application website.

Please contact the UAPC for any technical support, not the Physician Assistant Program. You can contact them at 212-997-CUNY or you can visit The City College admissions office and ask for guidance in filling out the UAPC transfer application, i.e. "walk-in admissions".


May I apply if I have some courses that are still not completed?

If you enrolled in one or more of the required prerequisites for the P.A. Program you may apply. Yet you must complete all coursework the spring semester (by January 31st).   


Do you have expiration on courses? If so, how long?

All prerequisite coursework should have been completed within the past seven years and have a minimum passing grade of "C".


How does the program view repeated courses for which the grade of "F" is earned?

ALL courses completed and repeated from ALL accredited colleges attended are reviewed and used in calculating applicants' grade point average for eligibility.


NOTE: You must have already reached the minimum of 60 transferable credits BEFORE the spring semester.