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Study Abroad Programs at City College

CCNY Summer Program London, England

London 2

Be among the many CCNY students to experience the gorgeous grounds of the University of Roehampton International Summer School in London, England. Located near the city center, a Roehampton provides studies in media and culture, Greek and Roman mythology, and finance, exploring art history and applied psychology, or develop choreography in addition to taking an ethnographic approach to urban studies. Roehampton University is a small, friendly, collegiate community where students can live, learn and socialize together on a beautiful and historic campus in southwest London. It offers a range of excellent facilities as well as easy access to the world-class museums, libraries and galleries of London. By embarking on this period of study you will experience British university life, make new friends and immerse yourself in London, one of the world's most exciting and cosmopolitan cities.

University of Roehampton


Summer 2015


5 credits

Session 1 (3 weeks)


NEW: English Language Development 1 (Dept. of Media, Culture and Language)

Level 1

  • Media City and Cultural Capital (Dept. of Media, Culture and Language)

  • Current Issues in Financial Services (Business School) N.B. the name might change but it will still be the same module

  • Gods and Heroes of Classical Mythology (Dept. of Humanities)

  • Introduction to the London Stage (Dept. of Drama, Theatre and Performance)





5 Credits

Session 2 (3 weeks)


NEW: English Language Development 2 (Dept. of Media, Culture and Language)

Level 1

  • Art in London Museums (Dept. of Humanities)

  • Psychology in the Real World (Dept. of Psychology) 

Level 2

  • Londonopolis (Dept. of Social Sciences)

 * Classes run from 9am- 1pm, four times a week (Monday - Thursday)


Session 1 or 2 (3 weeks each)

-CUNY Tuition - 5 Credits

-Program Cost - TBA

-Social Program: (optional) TBA

-Airfare- $900.00 - $1,200.00


Important Dates (mandatory meetings):

- Interview with Study Abroad: TBA
- Pre-Departure Orientation: TBA
- Deadline for payment of Program costs and CUNY - Tuition:TBA
- Deadline for all Application Materials: April 30th, 2015


Session 1 and 2 combined (6 weeks)

-CUNY Tuition- 10 Credits

-Program Cost-TBA

-Social Program included

-Airfare -$900.00 - $1,200.00

( Accommodation with shared bathroom and shared kitchen.)

**Only students on the 6-week option are eligible to apply for the CUNY SIROCS scholarship.
Program cost includes on-campus student dorm accommodations with shared kitchen.  The program cost does not include meals or airfare to and from London.