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Study Abroad Programs at City College

CCNY Winter Program Dominican Republic

InteRDom CCNY Students





Program Description


  • Political & Human Development
  • Health & Human Development

The program will guide participants in their exploration of the Caribbean history and culture, and will help accelerate their understanding of the Spanish language. Students examine themes related to colonialism and popular culture and discuss the real and fictitious elements that characterize modern ideas of what constitutes the Spanish side of the Caribbean. Participants will analyze primary source readings and develop command of theories and paradigms used to deconstruct discourse, text and other materials. Instruction focuses on the micro-history of the Caribbean; commercial strategies based on concepts of race, identity and gender. Class topics are examined within the following theoretical frameworks: deconstructionism, textual studies, gender studies, feminism, and ethnic theory, studies of race, negritude, Caribbeanist discourse, semiotics and linguistics. Workshops on development, business, environment and international relations are relevant for students willing to learn about the economy and modern history of the country. Service learning activities are coordinated with Yspaniola a community organization partnered with InteRDom program; depending on the number of participants and their skills, they will be put into groups with local volunteers so that they contribute to projects being developed in communities in the vicinity of Batey Esperanza, three hours away of Santo
Domingo. Excursions are an excellent opportunity to learn about the topics covered in the courses and workshops. Participants will be able to interact with community stakeholders, and also experience works of art, historical sites and places of great cultural value, such as the first city in the Americas.

Important Dates (mandatory meetings):

- Interview with Study Abroad: TBA
- Pre-Departure Orientation: TBA

- Deadline for payment of Program costs: TBA
- Deadline for all Application Materials: TBA


  • CUNY Tuition for 3 Credits
  • Program Fee: TBA
  • Airfare not included