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Teaching, Learning and Culture

Graduation & Certification


Students must apply for graduation several months prior to the expected date of graduation. You can apply online, by clicking here. Check with your advisor to make sure you have met all the requirements for graduation. If you discover that you will not be able to graduate as planned, you must reapply for the next graduation (see dates below). In order to graduate, all stops on your record must be cleared, including bursar, library, financial aid, etc.

Please note the following application periods:

For February Graduation Apply between July 1 - November 1
For June Graduation Apply between November 1 - March 1
For September Graduation Apply between April 1- July 1


How do I apply for State certification?

The process of applying for certification consists of two parts: the student's responsibility and the College's. You must file an application with New York State through their TEACH Online Services application system. You can do this by downloading the Student Information Sheet from the Certification Office website and following the steps carefully. The College's responsibility is to submit an electronic recommendation on your behalf, which is done once your program advisor completes a degree audit and submits it to the College's Certification Officer, Mr. Kurt Brown.  This is generally done around the time of graduation (February, September, and June), after all grades are in for the most recent semester. Once all of the required items (including fingerprinting, New York State Examination results, workshops in Child Abuse, School Violence Prevention and DASA training) are in the State system, an evaluation will be done. If all items are satisfied, the State will issue the certificate, and you will appear in the State system as certified. If you are applying for initial certification, you will not receive a physical certificate. If you would like on, you will have to go on the state website to request one (and pay a fee). If you are applying for professional certification, you will automatically be sent a physical certificate. 

What State certification exams do I have to take?  

For New York State teaching certification all candidates must pass the LAST, ATS-W, and a CST-Multi-subject exam. Please note that these requirements are set by the State, not by City College, and are subject to change. Check the New York State website for more and current information.  Passing these exams is not a requirement for graduation, but they are required for State teaching certification.

CST examinations:
  • Bilingual Childhood Education
                    BEA (Bilingual Education Assessment)
  • Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Theatre
  • Literacy
 Where can I find more information?

You can find instructions for the Teach Online system here: Student Information Sheet

What are the program codes that are needed for the TEACH Online system?

Note that students in Bilingual Childhood Education (Streams A, B, & C) and in Bilingual Special Education (Streams I & II) enter two codes each. Other students enter one code:

  • Bilingual Childhood Education (Stream A & C)
    Childhood Education: 25906
    Bilingual Extension: 25901
  • Bilingual Childhood Education (Fellows): 25902
  • Bilingual Education (Stream B)
    Bilingual Extension: 25901
  • Bilingual Special Education (Streams I & II)
    Students w/Disabilities 1-6: 25896
    Bilingual Extension: 25901
  • Bilingual Special Education Fellows: Please see your advisor
  • Bilingual Extension: 25901
  • Childhood Education: 25906
  • Educational Theatre:
  • Literacy               
    Grades 1-6:   
    Grades 5-9:

Please contact the College's certification officer, Mr. Kurt Brown in NAC 3/213 (, for more information or with questions about certification.