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The following information about funding opportunities may be helpful. Eligibility for these programs varies, as does the type of assistance available. The Department does not have further information about these opportunities. The list is not exhaustive. If you are aware of other opportunities, please share that information with us so we can post it here for other students.

The Colin Powell Leadership Program and its New York Life Undergraduate Scholars Program are two-year multi-faceted experiences focused on leadership and policy concerns.  Scholars receive between $10,000 and $12,000 annually for two years (assuming students remain in good standing).   Both programs are open to students in any area of study who are on track to have between 40 and 80 credits by the end of May 2009.  For more information, visit

New York City Department of Education Conversion Programs (TESOL & Bilingual Education)
The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) is offering scholarships to teachers who hold New York State Certification in early childhood education, common branches, generalist in middle school, or social studies education who are interested in teaching in shortage areas including ESL and Bilingual Education.  To qualify for the Conversion Program for Supplementary Certifications, teachers must have the prerequisite coursework in the shortage area (12 credit hours in math, science, Spanish, ESL, and bilingual) and successful completion of the CST in the supplementary subject or the Bilingual Educational Assessment Exam in order to be eligible.

CCNY Financial Aid Office
The Financial Aid Office coordinates many aspects of student financial aid, including but not limited to Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loan,. William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loan, and Federal SEOG or SEEK.

School of Education Scholarships
The School of Education offers over 20 different scholarships to students every year. Though many are based on the recommendation of the faculty, there are others that are open to all students. For more information, you may contact Ms. Joan Newman, Deputy to the Dean, at (212) 650-5471 for additional scholarship/award information.

Students Jacqueline Cinto, Victor Velez, and Thania Taveras (not pictured) were honored at the 2007 School of Education Awards Reception.

Intensive Teacher Institute (ITI)
The Intensive Teacher Institute (ITI) provides tuition assistance for full-time bilingual and ESOL teachers to meet their bilingual education and ESOL certification requirements in general and special education.

New York City Teaching Fellows
The NYC Teaching Fellows program is for professionals and recent graduates in other fields who have decided to change their lives and teach in the schools that need teachers most. There is a rigorous selection process and an intensive pre-service program. Fellows teach in high-need New York City public schools, and at the same time, pursue their own education through a subsidized Master's degree program.

United Federation of Teachers
The UFT is the union that represents the city's public school teachers, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors and other educators, and offers both undergraduate and graduate scholarships. For a variety of Scholarships, search for scholarship from the UFT home page or click here.

Bilingual Pupil Services (BPS)
There is an opportunity for CCNY students in bilingual education or TESOL to work in the New York City public schools as a paraprofessional, and receive funding for 6 credits per semester from the Department of Education. Participants continue to work and receive salary and benefits as UFT paraprofessionals. (Scroll to the section of the page regarding Bilingual Pupil Services)

Paraprofessionals Accelerated Transition to Teaching Program
The NYC Department of Education will provide tuition assistance to eligible paraprofessionals for a maximum total of 18 graduate credits toward a Master's degree in a shortage area, and will pay for the ATS-W and CST tests.