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Branding + Integrated Communications

Branding + Integrated Communications

The BIC PiP >> Portfolio-in-Progress Recruitment Event
The BIC Portfolio in Progress Recruitment Event
The BIC Summit 2013
Fall 2015 Non-Profit Capstone
BIC Capstone Branding IMC Team
BIC Brainstorming Session
BIC Brainstorming Session
Mix+Mentor at Y&R Headquarters
BIC Mix+Mentor at Y&R
UMG Client Brief for 2016 Spring Corporate Capstone
Ray Mia of UMG during BIC Client Briefing
Mix+Mentor at GREY
BIC Mix+Mentor at GREY
On-site at the Barbarian Group
On-site visit at the Barbarian Group


-- Alice Munro

WELCOME to BIC -- a 36-credit, portfolio-driven master's degree program that combines theory and practice in an interdisciplinary, multi-tracked curriculum that addresses the opportunities and needs of marketing communications industries on behalf of both private and not-for-profit organizations. 

Located in the media capital of the world, the BIC Master of Professional Studies reinforces City College's commitment to innovation, scholarship, and leadership. Designed to address the new cross-disciplinary challenges of creating and managing brand identity at a time when global, digital, and more immersive -- even tactile -- communications are rapidly evolving, BIC is both of the moment and about the future. It's a grad program. A think tank. An executive training ground. BIC is where you'll roll up your sleeves and figure out how communication creates meaning and adds value: to a company, for the consumer, in society. 

Consider some questions: How do brands work? What is communication's role in building identity? In what ways are emerging technologies shaping our understanding of the world we live in? Is it possible to make new connections and develop ideas in ways that will impact the future?

Study. Research. Think. Collaborate. Create.
Leave with a Master's Degree and a portfolio. Real proof that you're no longer just curious; you've got credentials.




BIG BIC NEWS :: Fall 2016 Admissions Deadline EXTENDED!!  The deadline is APRIL 21st 2016. Specific BIC requirements can be found on this site. For general CCNY admission requirements, please visit the CCNY Graduate Admissions site where you can also review the online process. 

BIC students aren't just multi-talented, multi-cultural, and cross-disciplinary, but most are working professionals. Our classes happen at night so you can come straight from work -- ask your boss about tuition reimbursement. And consider the UNSURPASSED BIC value: a MASTER's degree In New York City is only around $26,000 (in-state).

CLICK HERE for the Media & Communication Arts Department



Nancy R. Tag
Professor and BIC Program Director
Christina Castro
BIC Program Specialist
Shepard Hall, Room S102
138th & Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
p: 212.650.7021/6562


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Application DEADLINE is coming!! Submit by April 21st for Fall 2016.  The latest new is up on our BIC blog. Curious?