CoreLabs Guide

CoreLabs Guide Table of Content


1. System Requirements

2. Quick Start Guide

3. Facility Users

4. Facility Administrators

5. Appendicies

6. Contact us


1. System Requirements

In order to take advantage of all dynamic features of the system, it is recommended that users upgrade their web browsing software to the newest version available. Please check the website of each browser developer for list of available updates.

Internet Browsers:

The system has been tested and was found to function correctly with following internet browsers.

  • Google Chrome - version 28.0.1500.95 m (Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox - version 22 (Windows)
  • Internet Explorer - version 10 (Windows)
  • Safari – version 5.1.7 (Windows)

Cookies and JavaScript are required and must be ENABLED.

Screen Resolution:

Current minimum recommended screen resolution is 1024x768 pixels. Setting screen resolution to a lower value will adversely affect user’s experience.

Note on mobile devices support:

CoreLabs is currently NOT supported on mobile browsers and tablets. However, authors do consider this feature paramount and support for all mobile devices will be available in the near future.


2. Quick Start Guide

STEP 1: User Registration.


Every user must register with the system by filling out the registration form accessible by clicking the "Sign Up" button found in the upper left hand corner of the page.


 Figure  1. "Log in" and "Sign Up" buttons.

Please fill out all the fields as instructed by the system. Pay close attention to the format for each field, especially the e-mail and the phone number. These fields are important since they tell us how to reach you.

registration window

Figure 2. Registration window.

STEP 2: Account Approval by System Administrator.

Upon successful registration, the system administrator will receive a notification and complete your account approval by assigning you correct PI and account type. You will be notified by e-mail when your account is approved.

STEP 3: Request Access to Services.

After your account is approved, you will be able to log in and start browsing through different calendars in the system. A new user logged in the system will not have access to any services and must manually request access by clicking the "Request Access" button displayed in the center of the screen.

request access

Figure 3: Request Access button.

Clicking the "Request Access" button will change user's access level to "Pending Approval" and Facility Manger will be notified about your intention to use a particular facility and service. You must request access for ALL services and equipment that you wish to use.

STEP 4: Facility Administrator Approval.

The final step involves the Facility Administrator approving your request to access services and instruments. When this is complete, you will be notified again by e-mail and your role will not change to "Authorized User".

You are now ready to schedule sessions on the instrument of your choice.

STEP 5: Scheduling a Session.

Simply drug and drop your mouse to indicated the time of your registration and you are DONE. You can also click on each session to view more details for each session, cancel your own session or add a note to your session by clicking on the "Note" text (see figures below).


session scheduling

Figure 4: Session scheduling. (click to enlarge)

session cancellation

Figure 5: Session cancellation. (click to enlarge)

note editing

Figure 6: Note editing. (click to enlarge)



Thank you for using our system. For further information on how to use this system please refer to other chapters of system's manual.

3. Facility Users

4. Facility Administrators

5. Appendicies

Facility, Equipment, Service

  • FACILITY - Describes a general administrative unit that contains equipment or other abstract resources.
  • EQUIPMENT/RESOURCE - Specific type of resource (e.g room, equipment) that a user might be interested utilizing. A facility can host multiple resources/equipment.
  • SERVICE - Specific service provided by equipment/resource. (e.g Confocal Imaging, TEM, TEM + EDAX). One resource/equipment can provide multiple services.

Service States:

  • ACTIVE - Active service is open to all authorized users.
  • LOCKED - Locked services are visible to all authorized users but creating sessions WILL NOT be possible. This options can be set by facility manager if a service needs to be visible but NOT available to authorized users. Facility managers can still manager the service as normal.
  • INACTIVE - An inactive service will appear only for service managers. Inactive service is disabled and invisible to active users.


6. Contact Info

CCNY CoreLABS System Administrator:

Daniel Fimiarz
MR 1308
City College of New York

New York, NY , 10013

Contact by e-mail:

Contact by phone: 212-650-8596 (available during regular business hours)

Most requests can be handled within one business day.


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