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Course Instructors

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education

Course Instructors

FALL 2018



Aguasaco, Carlos

LALS 10204, Latin American and Caribbean Civilization

SPAN 22504, Intermediate Spanish


Andino, Julia

IAS, Community Mental Health: Understanding Diversity and Access

Askins, William

ANTH 20104, Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Awake, Mikael A.

ENGL 32014, Fiction Workshop I

IAS 23304, The Essay

Bahadur, Gaiutra

ENGL 31284, Caribbean Spirits, Colonial Ghosts

Benedetto, Vincent

IAS 31257, Digital Photography

Blankley, Susanna

SOC 24704, Community Organization

Calagione, John

IAS 24200, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (Hybrid)


Cheregi, Dorina

MATH 18004, Quantitative Reasoning

MATH 15004, Mathematics for the Contemporary World

Clark, Marlene

IAS 31145, Philosophy and Literature (Online)

IAS 61170, Founding Fathers (Graduate)


Diamond, Julie

EDCE 40800, Student Teaching and Integrative Seminar in ECE

Eastzer, David

IAS 10400, Nature and Human Beings I (Core Natural Science)

IAS 31277, Frankenstein to Frankenfood


Edwards-Anderson, Deborah

IAS 24200, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies


Fleischer, Lawrence

IAS 31258, Disability Law and Policy

Garavuso, Vicki

EDCE 32304, Language and Literacy

SOC 38144, Sociology of Education


Hilkey, Judy

IAS 24200, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Jacobs, Sarah Ruth U.

IAS 10000, Writing for Interdisciplinary Studies I

Kopp, Ronald

MCA 31414, Film and Human Rights

Levine, Stephen

HIST 31474, The United States in the 1920s and 1930s

Matthews, Elizabeth

IAS 31407, Childhood Povery


Mealy, Rosemari

SOC 31654, The Color Line: Sociological Perspectives on Race and Racism in 20th Century American Life

Mercado, Yvette

PSY 24504, Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior

Moore, Nayanda M. IAS 23304, The Essay
Motta. Liege R

EDCE 32001, Ed, TPA Prep Workshop

EDCE 40800, Student Teaching &  Integrative Seminar in ECE

Oppenzato, Colleen

EDCE 32204, How Childrern Learn Math

Orange, Warren

IAS 24200, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (Hybrid)


Ortiz-Suloway, Monica

IAS 32185, Sociology of the Deaf

Romero, Elena

MCA 10104, Intro to Media Studies


Rosenbaum, Susanna

IAS 10800, Doing Social Research

IAS 31216, Women and Work


Santos, Maria Yrene

SPAN 12104, Introductory Spanish I

Schaller, Susanna

IAS 10800, Doing Social Research

IAS 22300, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

IAS 24200, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (Hybrid)


Scott, Rory M.

EDCE 22102, School, Family, & Community

Senior, Consuelo A.

SOC 24504 & 23301, Sociology of Welfare Institutions I Fieldwork in Social Welfare

Sutherland-Cohen, Patricia

IAS 31235, Intro to Developmental Disabilities

Sweeting-DeCaro, Michele IAS 23324 Advanced Composition

Terry, Pamella E.

PSY 33804, Psychology of Women

Tirelli, Vincent

PSC 12504, Intro to Public Policy

Williams, Justin

IAS 31140, Africa in World History

IAS 61111, Race and Nation in the Americas (Graduate)


Woessner, Martin

IAS 50000, Inventing the Americas (Graduate)

HIST 31824, History of Human Right


Zaid-Muhammad, Soye

PSY 24707, Social Psychology