Course Instructors

FALL 2019



Aguasaco, Carlos

IAS 3110 Latin American Popular Culture

IAS 60110 Populism & Popular Culture in the Americas (Graduate)


Andino, Julia

IAS 31223 Contemporary Issues in Family Health

Awake, Mikael A.

IAS 31147 Online Media Publishing

IAS 23304, The Essay

Benedetto, Vincent

IAS 20200 Art on & Off The Tall II

Berestova, Marisha

SPAN 22504 Intermediate Spanish

Calagione, John

ANTH 22804 Urban Anthropology


Cheregi, Dorina

MATH 18504 Basic Ideas in Math

Clark, Marlene

IAS 10000 Writing for Interdisciplinary Studies I


Crosby, Jillian E.EDCE 40200 Language Development & Emergent Literacy II IAS 61180 Indigenous Visions (Graduate)

Diamond, Julie

EDCE 40800, Student Teaching and Integrative Seminar in ECE IAS 31214 Autism Spectrum Disorders in Young Children

Eastzer, David

IAS 10500, Nature and Human Beings II (Core Natural Science II)

IAS 31255 The Human Body


Edwards-Anderson, Deborah

IAS 24200, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies


Fleischer, Lawrence

IAS 31171 Family Law, Divorce & American Culture

Garavuso, Vicki

EDCE 40300 Social Studies in ECE

EDCE 32001 EdTPA Prep Workshop

EDCE 31904 Science Methods in ECE


Gonzalez, Marcela F.IAS 31243 Listening to the City  
rh%65%72%6eande%7a@ccny.cuny .e%64u" rel="nofollow"> IAS 51040 The making of the Dominican People (Graduate)

Hilkey, Judy

IAS 24200, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Kopp, Ronald

IAS 31148 The Global City on Film

Levine, Stephen

HIST 44004 Labor, Technology & The changing workplace

Matthews, Elizabeth

IAS 10800 Doing Social Research

260 ENG 31809 Home & Away: The literature of immigration265

Mealy, Rosemari

IAS 31154 Women's rights as Human Rights

Mercado, Yvette

PSY 38804  Theories of Psychotherapy

Moore, Nayanda M.IAS 23304, The Essay

Nesbitt, Pamela L.

EDCE 20614  ECE II Dev., Assessment, Teaching & Learning in Inclusive Settings



Orange, Warren

IAS 31127 Race & Beauty


Ortiz-Suloway, Monica

IAS 31235 Intro to Developmental Disabilities

Romero, Elena

IAS 20300 Race, Class & Gender in Media


Rosenbaum, Susanna

IAS 31142 Making Reace in the 21st Century


Santos, Maria Yrene

SPAN 12204 Introductory Spanish II

Schaller, Susanna

IAS 31409 Gentrification Globalized

IAS 31317 Urban Sustainability & Neighborhood Change in NYC


Senior, Consuelo A.

SOC 24604 Sociolgy of Welfare Instiutions II

Socu 23301 Fieldwork in Social Welfare

Sutherland-Cohen, Patricia

IAS 31293 Disability & the Family Life Cycle

IAS 31240 Issues for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Sweeting-DeCaro, MicheleIAS 23324 Advanced Composition
Syed, AliIAS 10800 Doing Social Research  

Terry, Pamella E.

PSY 25604 Introduction to Human Development: Adolescence & Youth SOC 38144 Sociology of Education

Williams, Justin

IAS 24200 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

IAS 31501 African American History: Reconstruction to Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter


Woessner, Martin

IAS 24200 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

IAS 31408 Between Heaven & Hell: Utopian & Dystopian Thought


Zaid-Muhammad, Soye

PSY 36504 Family Psychology