Academic Advising

Getting Ready for Fall 2020 Advisement

We hope you, your families, and all your loved ones are safe and healthy. If you've been directly affected by COVID-19, we're sending you our wishes for recovery, solace, and peace.

Public health and mental health professionals urge us to make our self-care a priority and adopt an attitude of flexibility. Routines are also important. While none of us can be certain about what the future holds, we can remain hopeful that at some point in the near future, we will be able to resume activities that are important to us. This includes your college education.

Even if you're not yet sure about the months ahead, or you still have a tuition balance, please schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor. You'll have the opportunity to plan your course schedule for the Fall 2020 and reserve your seat in the courses you need and want. It is fine if you need to change your mind or your plans at a later date.

Advisors are available to you during regular business hours. When you make your appointment by contacting the CWE Virtual Front Desk, you will be told exactly how your advisor will be available to communicate with you (email, phone, or videoconference). If you choose a phone or videoconference appointment, you will receive a link to a Blackboard Collaborate session.

Please be well prepared at the time of your appointment.  Have a paper and pen for notes,  your most recent advising worksheet, and a list of any questions or concerns.  If you have access, please log in to your CUNYFirst Student Center page at the time of the appointment, and have the Fall 2020 Schedule either in-hand or on-screen.

Please read over the Schedule of Classes BEFORE your advisement meeting, including the descriptions of the courses you are interested in.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

The CWE Advising Staff


Current students may access admissions and advising support by email and phone or videoconferencing  by appointment.

If you wish to talk to your advisor, please email your advisor directly (see list below). You can request a videoconference by stating this in your email.

Videoconferences will be arranged during regular business hours, and your advisor will inform you of their schedule and availability.

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