PROGRAM OVERVIEW The goal of the Women’s Professional Development Program (WPDP) is to educate and support professional women in their quest for career advancement.  

Designed for professional women, our program will provide training and strategies to help women be more successful in their roles. The courses will cover various topics including functional training, leadership development, and emotional competency - suitable for professionals in any industry. This program will provide women with the practical expertise and competencies necessary to propel their careers and enhance their progression into leadership positions.  

There are 8 courses for you to choose from. Each course is 3 hours long and can be taken independently. These non-degree courses are a great way for you to continue your professional development.  

FEE Each course is $29 dollars. Unfortunately, financial aid or scholarship opportunities are not available for students taking non-degree courses. However, if you sign up for all 8 courses, you only pay $200 (a $32 discount). CUNY – CCNY Students receive a 20% discount.


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Angelina Ramirez - CWE WPDP Instructor 

As a performance-driven communications and business development leader, Angelina has over 20 years of experience building brands and implementing strategic solutions for Fortune 200 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits. During her tenure at American Express, PepsiCo and Philip Morris, she was responsible for setting the marketing and client management agenda for global companies, utilizing customer–centric analytics to develop and implement brand strategies. She managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets that delivered award-winning campaigns, yielding increases in market-share and exceeding sales goals. In her role as the Executive Director of the Washington Heights Business Improvement District, she utilized her business acumen to help drive economic growth in Northern Manhattan. She worked with local businesses, local community-based organizations, city agencies, and state government to develop and implement economic development programs. Angelina’s business expertise includes strategic planning, advocacy, stewardship, program development, capacity building and workforce development. For over 10 years, Angelina has been a consultant for the New York City Department of Small Business Services. She facilitates courses in marketing and media, curated specifically for the small business community. Angelina is passionate about helping women-owned businesses, providing leadership seminars to entrepreneurs while helping them obtain their Minority & Women Business Certification (MWBE) certification. A native of New York City, Angelina is fluent in English, Spanish, and French. She earned her Latin American Studies degree from New York University, and subsequently obtained an MBA from New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business. She is also certified as a Digital Media Marketing Strategist from New York University.  




The Art of Negotiation (Monday, October 7, 2019, 6PM-9PM Register here!) Whether you’re negotiating your salary, the purchase of your first car, or haggling with a street vendor, the art of negotiation comes into play in your daily life. Employees at all levels and in every position will need to utilize keen negotiation skills to be able to ensure the best outcome and results in their career. In this workshop, participants will explore how current approaches to negotiation strategy and tactics are used, what negotiation entails, as well as the importance of the planning / preparation process. The course also explores the personal and behavioral characteristics of an effective negotiator, the role of power during negotiations and how to address power inequities.  

Public Speaking (Monday, October 21, 2019, 6PM-9PM Register here!) Today, how you communicate and express yourself impacts your career, network and brand. Effective public speakers captivate their audience with charisma, confidence and comfort. Fortunately, you can learn and master these techniques to strengthen your public speaking skills while persuading your audience. This interactive workshop provides participants with tools, coaching and feedback on ways to improve their public speaking abilities. Exercises will focus on building confidence and improving focus, crafting your presentation and organizing your content in stand out, impactful, and engaging ways.  

Time Management (Monday, October 28, 2019, 6PM-9PM Register here!​​​​​​​) Find the time for matters most important to you by improving your productivity and getting things done. Our workshop provides techniques designed to help you better manage your time and become more productive. Learn about managing your calendar and emails, setting priorities, collaborating with colleagues, delegating, and reducing interruptions. We will review how to create a more comfortable, conducive and productive work environment. The course will help you identify goals, create daily plans and recognize obstacles that rob you of your time.  

Foundations of Leadership (Monday, November 4, 2019, 6PM-9PM Register here!​​​​​​​) Learn proven techniques to become an effective leader. The course will provide you with the tools and skills to make better decisions, resolve conflicts, improve your performance and lead change throughout your organization. Our workshop will review problem-solving studies designed to teach the most current leadership principles. During the course, you will gain clarity, direction, and an understanding of your own leadership style and potential. Managers and individual contributors alike will learn the essentials of effective leadership for greater success.  

Communicating with Others (Monday, November 18, 2019, 6PM-9PM Register here!​​​​​​​) To be an effective communicator takes real skill. These skills have to be developed, honed and utilized consistently. They are not only key to your interpersonal skills, but also to your career progression. Particularly in the business world, effective communication is one of the keys to success. This course provides the essential tools you need to become a more effective communicator. Learn the rules of communication, understand the importance of verbal and nonverbal cues, and develop effective listening skills. We will show/teach/review how to prepare for and engage in difficult conversations as well as the keys to develop effective presentations.  

Effective Decision-Making (Monday, November 25, 2019, 6PM-9PM Register here!​​​​​​​) Gain confidence in assessing problems accurately, evaluating alternative solutions, making a decision and anticipating likely risks. Problem solving and decision-making are critical to career success no matter your role or level. The rapid pace of today’s business environment requires the ability to be able to think/act/perform logically, critically and creatively. During this workshop, you will learn to differentiate between problem solving and decision-making. You will also learn techniques to identify problems, how to apply helpful tools to effectively solve problems in a timely fashion, and how to make strategic decisions.  

Managing Conflict (Monday, December 2, 2019, 6PM-9PM Register here!​​​​​​​) Conflicts between individuals or within organizations can be quite costly, whether it affects relationships, finances, or productivity. But the fact of the matter is, conflict is inevitable, particularly in today’s global, multicultural society. This course focuses on constructively preventing, addressing or managing conflicts by mastering the fundamentals of conflict resolution. Learn how to turn potential conflict into constructive conversation. The workshop features a framework for handling conflict including how to recognize patterns of conflict, stop escalation of conflicts and steps to resolve conflicts.  

How to Relate to Others (Monday, December 9, 2019, 6PM-9PM​​​​​​​ Register here!​​​​​​​) Strong social and interpersonal skills are keys to success in your career. Research has demonstrated that poor interpersonal skills is one of the main reasons why people don’t get promoted, and eventually lose their job. In the workplace, you spend a significant amount of time interacting with your colleagues, including your manager, co-workers, and clients.