Office of Clinical Practice - Forms, Handbooks, Workshops

The Office of Field Experiences utilizes various forms that our students, faculty and school partners complete in order to document our candidates' fieldwork, student teaching and supervised teaching experiences. The following is a brief summary of our forms.

Copies of the following documents can be picked up from the Office of Clinical Practice located in the North Academic Center, Room 6/207A. You may email Noris Rodriguez at or Denise Olivares at to request a copy of a form.

General Forms

Mandatory Tuberculin Test Information
Tuberculin Test Form
Free New York City Tuberculin Testing Sites

Fieldwork Forms

Record Card (Sample)
Placement Card (Sample)
Fieldwork Placement Letter (Sample)
Fieldwork Self-Placement Letter (Sample)
Fieldwork Contract
Fieldwork Timesheet
Worksite Information 
Fieldwork Summary Form
Candidate's Evaluation of the Fieldwork Placement
Cooperating Teacher's Evaluation of the Fieldwork Student
Fieldwork Guidelines

Student Teaching Forms

Undergraduate Application (Sample)
Graduate Application (Sample)
Post-Observation Self-Reflection Form
Student Teaching Application
TESOL/Practicum Application (Sample)
A Student Teacher's Responsibility Checklist
Student Teaching Introduction Letter
Student Teaching-Practicum Contract
Student Teaching/Practicum Monthly Time Sheet
Policy and Procedure Agreement

Student Teaching Observation Reports are program specific and are available in TaskStream

Fingerprinting Information

All student teachers must be fingerprinted and cleared prior to the beginning of student teaching.

Fingerprinting should occur prior to the beginning of the term in which you are student teaching or sooner. Clearance can take up to three weeks or longer. Fingerprinting clearance is needed both for New York State Certification and the New York City License. Once you have been cleared at one level you can complete a waiver to have the City and State exchange information. Visit the New York State Education Department or New York City Department of Education websites for more explicit and current information.

Info for Undocumented Students and Fingerprinting

Contact Noris Rodriguez at or Denise Olivares at .

Required Workshops and Handbooks

EDUC 41900 and 1900G Workshops on Child Abuse Identification, School Violence Prevention, Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) and other professional topics. The calendar for the workshops is distributed to the student teachers during orientation. The handbooks are distributed to student teachers prior to the workshops.

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