Office of Clinical Practice

As a student in The City College of New York School of Education, you will work with the Office of Clinical Practice (OCP) in multiple ways.

  • Apply for and secure fieldwork and student teaching placements.
  • Confirm medical and security clearances.
  • Submit documentation for clinical practice hours toward certification.

The OCP is your support for:

  • Identifying placements for fieldwork and student teaching.
  • Keeping track of your documentation as you accrue fieldwork and student teaching hours.  (You need this for New York State Certification!)
  • Initiating your fingerprinting process.

Below you will find more detailed information about applications and documentation for both fieldwork and student teaching.

Communicate with Us

Teacher with students


For students pursuing initial certification who enrolled prior to the Fall 2024 semester, at least 100 clock hours of field experiences related to coursework are required before student teaching. Fieldwork includes observation and active instruction aligned with course assignments and requirements.

How to apply for fieldwork?

  • Visit the OCP office for an orientation or to obtain forms; or email Noris Rodriguez to request forms ( ).
  • Go to your doctor for a tuberculosis test.  There is a form in the OCP for reporting results, or you can use your doctor-issued form.
  • Complete a Fieldwork Application for your fieldwork placements.
  • All students completing 30 hours of fieldwork or more must be fingerprinted.


Student Teaching

City College SOE students pursuing initial certification require a college supervised student teaching or practicum experience of at least 70 school days, or its equivalent, in an educational setting, and in alignment with the daily schedule and annual calendar of that educational setting. The requirements differ when candidates pursue additional and advanced certifications.

How to apply for student teaching?

  • Student teaching is usually your final semester.
  • Student teaching application deadlines are posted each semester, April 15 for fall and November 15 for spring.
  • Student teaching requires program permission.
  • New York State Certification Exams are required.
  • The OCP responds to applications, once programs approve you, by finding you placements that align with your certification.
  • Detailed directions for the Student Teaching Application


  • Make an appointment with Noris Rodriguez to begin the fingerprinting process ( ).
  • Fingerprinting is one and done; required for 30 hours or more of fieldwork each semester; required for student teaching.
  • If this is your first time being fingerprinted for the NYC Public Schools, bring Social Security Card and another form of identification (passport, New York State Driver License, or identification card) to launch the fingerprinting security clearance process. This includes students who have already been fingerprinted by DOI and DOH.
  • International students must contact José Osorio ( ), CCNY SOE certification officer, to request a TEACH Access Number (TAN).

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