The Urban Scholars Program


About the Program

What began in 1993 as a pilot program based loosely on a community program at UMAS which provided  performing arts, sports, recreation, and other enrichment activities to encourage at-risk students to succeed academically in school at both the junior high school and high school levels, has today become the umbrella program of the City College of New York Office of Urban and Governmental Affairs Community Youth Programs.  The program consist of three (3) pre-college enrichment programs supported by funds provided by the State, Federal and private donations.

Extended Day School
Liberty Partnerships Program
Upward Bound

In an effort to be successful, the Urban Scholars will go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of each and everyone of its participants and their families.  The program is committed to ensuring that each participant receives the necessary tools for social and academic advancement.  By identifying the specific needs of our participants and providing them with quality academic and enrichment activities, projects are designed to strengthen skills and encouraging success both academically and socially having all participants prepared for the transition into post-secondary education and entry level careers. 


Fore more information, please contact:

Urban Scholars Program

North Academic Center, 5th Floor
Room 5/143
Tel: (212) 650-6219
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