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Division of Humanities & the Arts

Division of Humanities & the Arts

Welcome to the Humanities and the Arts!

Expand your experience.  Find your focus.  Pursue your passion.  In the Division of Humanities and the Arts at the City College of New York, we try to help our students do both:  broaden their general understanding and find their particular passion, learn a little about everything and a lot about something.

Our undergraduate students engage in courses that explore the study of Music, Theatre, Film, Literature, Creative Writing, Art, Advertising, Graphic Design, History, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, Black Studies, Journalism, Jewish Studies, and Asian Studies at one of the most historic campuses in New York City.  Our division also offers a handful of CORE courses to students outside our division to equip them with skills to better understand our ever-changing society from a humanities perspective.

Our graduate students connect with a diverse faculty who teach courses for specialized programs in Art, Art Education, Museum Studies, Literature, Creative Writing, Language and Literacy, Media Arts Production (film and video), History, Music, BIC (branding & integrated communications), and Spanish.   After students complete their degrees, many of them move onto careers in publishing, media production, advertising, education, and Ph.D. programs. 

A few notable graduates with degrees in Humanities and Arts were Upton Sinclair (author of The Jungle), Oscar Hijuelos (Pulitzer Prize recipient & author of The Mambo Kings), Walter Mosley (Novelist best known for crime fiction), Ernest Lehman (Acclaimed screenwriter) Mario Puzo (American author and screenwriter of “The God Father”), and Luis Guzman (Accomplished actor).



Chances are, you’re curious about exploring and improving your talents, so let us connect you with others who share your creative and scholarly interests.  Join our division as we create the next generation of writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, actors, educators, and scholars.  Welcome!

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Doris Cintrón
Acting Dean

North Academic Building
Room 5/225
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

p: 212.650.8166