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Academic Advising

Summer 2022 In-Person Advising Hours
North Academic Center, Room 5/225

June 6 — August 24*
Monday — Thursday
11am to 4pm

Virtual advising available by appointment
Monday through Thursday - 10am to 7pm

*We will be closed on July 4

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Undergraduate Student Advising — Contact Information

Advisors in our division work with students pursuing these programs: Humanities & Arts Majors. Start up a conversation by email or make an appointment in EAB Navigate. Be sure to include your EMPLID and full name in any written correspondence.

Melissa Oden
Director of Undergraduate Advising
Make appointment via EAB Navigate

Migen Prifti
Director of Graduate Advising
Make appointment via EAB Navigate

Raymond Strom
Undergraduate Advisor
Make appointment via EAB Navigate

Advising Overview

Graduation Requirements: The Short List

All Humanities & Arts students must...

In meetings and correspondence with your academic advisor, you will look at your academic record as a whole and track your progress toward graduation. This overall picture includes general education requirements, major and minor courses, and elective credits.

As comprehensive advising to cover your entire college career cannot be done in a single session, we recommend that all students check in an H&A advisor once a semester, whether by email or setting a meeting, to receive advice about course selection as well as important updates about progress toward graduation. October and March are designated as “Advising Month” in their given semesters, so please reach out then and any other time you have a question or need help.

In addition to advising you through your academic program, our office will also be auditing your graduation file in your final semester—please bring any questions regarding academic requirements to our attention as early as possible so we can work together toward an on-time graduation.

DegreeWorks Online Advisement

The Division of Humanities and the Arts uses DegreeWorks to track student progress. This application will play a large role in later advising meetings so it would be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with this system. Keep in mind that DegreeWorks functions best in Firefox browsers.

DegreeWorks Instructions and Features

Occasionally, a DegreeWorks record needs to be manually updated—the most common occurrence is when a course shows up in the wrong category and needs to be moved—so please confirm all inconsistencies with your advisor before taking action.

How to register for classes using Schedule Builder

Email, Dropbox, Blackboard, Zoom

City College has agreements with Microsoft, Dropbox, Blackboard, and Zoom to provide you with digital resources for messaging, communication, scheduling, and data storage

Microsoft 365: Citymail




Minors available for Humanites & Arts students

Anthropology, Arabic, Art History, Asian Studies, Biology, Black Studies, Cinema Studies, Community Change Studies, Economics, English, French, History, Italian, Jewish Studies, Journalism, Latin American & Latino Studies, Spanish, Portuguese, Psychology, Sociology, Studio Art, Theatre, and Women’s Studies

Please contact an advisor above if you'd like to discuss one of these minor programs.

You can browse all City College programs here: Areas of Study

Advising Goals

In the Office of Academic Advising, we believe that students should be proud, confident members of their college community. We work to help our students achieve their academic goals and, in turn, prepare them to achieve their career goals and become citizens of the world. Through collaborative advising practices, we empower students to think critically about their roles and responsibilities as students. The shared model of academic advising at the City College allows departments and offices across the institution to work with one-another to promote integrated student learning, development and success. Our advising sessions are always confidential as we abide by CCNY and FERPA Guidelines, and we handle sensitive issues with the utmost respect.

As academic advisors we hope to guide students, to help them make the most of their college experience. Here is a partial list of what we do:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for achieving your educational/academic goals
  • Help to identify personal interests, abilities, and values
  • Help with appropriate curriculum, and course selection
  • Assist with monitoring academic progress
  • Provide information on degree requirements, general education requirements, college policies, procedures, and campus resources
  • Discuss career goals and how it relates to your major
  • Provide perspective on alternative careers as well as the possibility of graduate school
  • Discuss enhanced learning opportunities, such as study abroad, internships, etc.
Looking for suggestions for Pathways and elective courses?

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Office of Academic Advising

Division of Humanities and the Arts

North Academic Center, Room 5/225

160 Convent Avenue

New York NY 10031

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