General Policies

Minimum GPA: Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average while they are in the program. Those who fall below may be denied permission to register for further courses.

Time for Completion of Degree: Students are required to complete their degree within three years of their first semester. Extension of time may be granted in exceptional circumstances, but this is at the discretion of the Program Director and the Dean of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. The MIA will not accept any courses for a degree that are more than five years old.

Plagiarism: We consider plagiarism (copying another person's work or ideas without giving him or her proper credit) to be among the most serious offenses one can commit as a student. The penalties for plagiarism range from (1) an F on the paper or assignment (2) an F in the course or (3) expulsion from the program. Plagiarism within a student's master's thesis will result in a recommendation for expulsion.

Incompletes: We strongly discourage taking incompletes in any course. If you must have an incomplete (with the permission of the instructor teaching the class), you must make up your incomplete by the end of the following semester. You will not be allowed to register for future classes if you have an unresolved incomplete that is more than one semester old. Please be aware that incompletes automatically turn into an "F" (FIN) after one year. Appeals to cahnge INC grades must be submitted within one year. Late appeals will not be considered.

Passing Grade: For all graduate courses at City College, students must achieve a C+ or better in order to get credit for the course.  This means that students in the program who receive a C or below in a required core course must retake it.  If you receive a C or below in an elective class, you may substitute another course.  In either case, the course in which you received the C or below will not count toward your 30 credits.