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Why Choose MPIR

International Relations Program

Why Choose MPIR

There are currently about a dozen masters programs in international affairs in the U.S. and prospective students therefore have a choice of schools. The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, the Master's Program in International Relations at the City College of New York offers several advantages to consider:

  • First, our location in New York City gives students invaluable access to the United Nations and the many international non-governmental organizations housed nearby. This also provides opportunities for lectures by diplomats, scholars and political leaders.


  • Second, our program offers a strong, interdisciplinary curriculum specializing in international organization and international law. The close integration of political science, international security and economics in the curriculum makes the program particularly attractive.


  • Third, is highly affordable, offering a masters in international relations for a fraction of the cost of most other programs.


  • Fourth, the program is run by a distinguished faculty, which works closely with students as teachers and advisors. Each student receives individual attention during their years in the master's program.


  • Fifth, the program is flexible. Students may register for either part-time or full-time status and classes are offered during both the afternoon and evening to accommodate those who wish to work during their graduate years.


  • Sixth, we provide invaluable opportunities to secure internships in New York-area international and non-governmental organizations, which will be very helpful when pursuing future employment.


  • Seventh, City College has a full-time Diplomat-in-Residence (DIR) located on the campus (right next to the International Relations office).  The Diplomat is a career State Department officer who helps students who wish to work at the State Department or diplomatic corps.  He/she also teaches one class per year in the Master's Program.  We are one of only sixteen colleges in the United States with a DIR. Diplomat-in-Residence, Ana Escrogima contact information and/or DIR Facebook.

Finally, our program is one of the very few that provides the opportunity for students to write a master's thesis. This provides invaluable skills in conducting a major research project and can be very helpful in pursuing a variety of careers as well as entering a Ph.D. program.