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Blackboard is an application accessed through the CUNY Portal website that allows instructors to upload classwork on the Internet. It improves student engagement and provides a variety of resources to instructors as they teach. Not all instructors will choose to use it and therefore not all students will use it.

Blackboard Unified Login

This summer, the login method for Blackboard will transition to new CUNY login credentials, which are being incorporated into an increasing number of CUNY services. 

Using the new credentials, you will access Blackboard from the same login points you currently use but will log in using your CUNYfirst username followed by '' and your CUNYfirst password

For example, if you log into CUNYfirst as 'george.washington76', you will log into Blackboard as

Blackboard, DegreeWorks, and FACTS are all switching over to these new login credentials in July.  CUNY plans to transition other key applications to these new credentials thereafter.  This means that you will have fewer usernames and passwords to remember. 

Over the next few months, we will send periodic updates and reminders as the launch of Blackboard Unified Login nears.
Please feel free to contact Blackboard support with questions, concerns, or your thoughts on migration to Unified Login services for Blackboard. 

To access Blackboard you need a CUNY portal account. To register for a portal account, click here: (use until change-over to new login available)

CUNY Portal


To access Blackboard please click here:


This link will re-direct you automatically to the new CUNY LOGIN page



  • Mozilla Firefox is the most compatible browser to use
  • If you use a public computer (e.g. in a computer lab), make sure to close all browser windows after logging out from Blackboard.
  • As a precaution save your work frequently while entering text, e.g., by using "copy-and-paste" and (for faculty) attaching files to "items" rather than entering longer text directly via the Bb text editor (this is the recommended practice).
  • If you do not see your course, please check with your instructor as to whether it is available.*
  • Make sure your Citymail account is the default email in Blackboard. Otherwise you will not receive emails sent by your instructor. See link below, “Blackboard User Guide for Students”, for step by step instructions on how to change your email account.

Blackboard Resources:

>>Blackboard User Guides for Students

For Faculty Support please visit: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), NAC 4/220 offers faculty training via one-on-one Blackboard workshops as well as online documentation.


Location: North Academic Center
Room: NA 1/301
p: 212.650.6990

*Courses will not show on Blackboard for students, if faculty do not make them available.

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Contact Information

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Blackboard Support

North Academic Center
Room 1/301
160 Convent Avenue
New York , NY  10031

p: 212.650.7878
f: 212.650.8139