WiFi Printing

1. Login to CCNY Wireless Network from on campus locations using your Citymail username and password * ('ccny-guest' login not eligible).

    Once you have connected to CCNY WiFi access WiFi Printing service PaperCutNG™ for Student Technology Fee Supported Computer labs.

See Quotas for printing in Student Technology Fee Supported Computer Labs.

2. Go to: https://webprint.ccny.cuny.edu  

WiFi Printing

3. Enter your Citymail username and password.

4. Please note that all uploaded WiFi Printing documents must be in PDF format.

5. Pick up all jobs in the TECH Center NA 1/301.

6. For details about setting up your print jobS >>View Details:

To access WiFi Printing enter your username and password:
Please note that all WiFi Printing documents must now be in PDF format.
Pick up all jobs in the TECH Center NA 1/301
1. After login check in Summary to see if your user name is correct. You can see your printing history and the balance of your account. Click ‘Web Print’ to continue
2. In ‘Web Print’: Click ‘Submit a Job’ to continue.
3. In ‘Web Print’: ‘Options’ Check number of copies you want to print Click ‘Upload Documents’ to continue.
4. In ‘Web Print’: ‘Upload’Drag and drop your .PDF formatted document into the upload box.
5. In ‘Web Print’: ‘Upload’ After you have uploaded your file. Click ‘Upload & Complete’ in menu to continue.
6. In ‘Web Print’: Check if upload is complete and file is correct. Click ‘Jobs Pending Release’ in menu to continue.
7. In ‘Jobs Pending Release’: under ’Action’ Click action desired: ‘[print] or [cancel]’.
8. In ‘Web Print’: If you clicked ‘print’, the status will say ‘Queued…’ this means the document was sent to the printer. You can either go to 'Web Print' section or to 'Recent Print Jobs' to confirm if it’s printed
9. In 'Recent Print Jobs’: You can confirm if that your documents has been printed in the 'Recent Print Jobs' view.

* If you need information about your CCNY e-mail account to login to CCNY Wireless go to the Service Desk located at the TECH Center in NA 1/301.

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