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Our goal is to teach students the values, traditions and skills to practice the art of journalism in our dynamic, fast-changing media landscape.  They learn to ask questions, gather information, understand the news cycle and shape the public conversation. They are taught to organize and present information in clear, compelling, creative ways across various media platforms. 
The CCNY journalism program is a minor, which allows flexibility and options. Some students become professional journalists--reporters, columnists, authors, magazine editors, producers, documentary filmmakers, and digital and social networking specialists—at media outlets across the country and around the world. Others continue to graduate school for deeper, more concentrated training. And still others learn to think and write like journalists and take their training into fields like public relations, advertising, medicine, science, law, government, teaching, politics, business and the arts.

Our program is ideally located in the media capital of the world and in the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem. We draw upon the rich resources of the city and the diversity of our community to enlighten and challenge our students. They use New York City as a laboratory, exploring the city’s neighborhoods, government, art and culture. They have frequent contact with working journalists, industry professionals and community leaders who offer opportunities for networking, mentoring and internships. We also provide students with hands-on experience as reporters, editors, designers and photographers for our award-winning newsmagazine, The Campus, and its companion website. Students also contribute to the ethnic publication, The Paper, and at our state-of-the-art radio station, WHCR 90.3 FM, the Voice of Harlem.

Finally, we encourage students to honor and celebrate their own diverse backgrounds, neighborhoods, life struggles, and storytelling traditions. Our hope is to introduce new voices and new perspectives into the mainstream, and to enrich our public discourse.

The minor in journalism consists of four required 3-credit courses and two electives for a total of 18 credits. Most students also participate in campus media and intern at local news organizations.


MCA 10100: Introduction to Media Studies

MCA 23300: Introduction to Journalism

MCA 33300: Reporting and Writing

(Note, students can take either Radio or Television Journalism as the fourth required course. Or take both, and apply one as an elective.)

MCA 34100: Radio Journalism

MCA 34300: Television Journalism


Select two from the following list. 

MCA 10500: Introduction to Media Production

MCA 36500: Social Media Strategies

English 23000: Writing Workshop in Prose

Sociology 25000: Theory of Mass Culture and Mass Communications

MCA 31013: Supervised Radio Station Study

MCA 49907: Documentary as Journalism

MCA 40100: Ethics and Values in Communication

Media Internship for Academic Credit (by permission of program director)