Popular Music Studies (BA)

Popular Music Studies at CCNY includes courses in the history, analysis, composition, performance, and socio-cultural context of contemporary popular music.

Degree Requirements (42 credits)

First Semester

  • MUS 23100, Harmony I
  • MUS 26100, Ear Training I
  • MUS 21600, Music Production
  • MUS 26800, Fretboard Skills

Second Semester

  • MUS 23200, Harmony II
  • MUS 26200, Ear Training II
  • MUS 24100, Minstrelsy to Rock 'n' Roll
  • MUS 16400, Keyboard Skills I

Third Semester

  • MUS 24200, 1960s to Today
  • MUS 43100, Popular Music Composition
  • MUS 16500, Voice Class I
  • MUS xxxxx, Music Elective(s), level 20000 or higher

Fourth Semester

  • MUS 43300, Case Studies in Popular Music
  • MUS xxxxx, Music Elective(s), level 20000 or higher


  • Additional courses are needed to reach full-time status each semester.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take additional music courses, beyond the 42 credits.
  • Guitarists/bassists may test out of Music 26800, Fretboard Skills.
  • Keyboard players may test out of Music 16400, Keyboard Skills 1.

Please Note:
To ensure that students are prepared to be successful in the program, all first-semester Popular Music courses require departmental permission to register. Please see this page for the Placement Process.


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