Popular Music Studies (BA)

Popular Music Studies at CCNY includes courses in the history, analysis, composition, performance, and socio-cultural context of contemporary popular music.

Degree Requirements

First Semester

  • MUS 23100, Harmony I
  • MUS 26100, Ear Training I
  • MUS 21600, Music Production
  • MUS 26800, Fretboard Skills

Second Semester

  • MUS 23200, Harmony II
  • MUS 26200, Ear Training II
  • MUS 24100, Minstrelsy to Rock 'n' Roll
  • MUS 16400, Keyboard Skills I

Third Semester

  • MUS 24200, 1960s to Today
  • MUS 43100, Popular Music Composition
  • MUS 16500, Voice Class I
  • MUS 2xxxx, Music Elective(s)

Fourth Semester

  • MUS 43300, Case Studies in Popular Music
  • MUS 2xxxx, Music Elective(s)


  • Additional courses are needed to reach full-time status each semester.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take additional music courses, beyond the 42 credits.
  • Guitarists may test out of Music 26800, Fretboard Skills.
  • Pianists may test out of Music 16400, Keyboard Skills 1.

All prospective music students must pass the Music Placement Exam before receiving permission to register for the required courses listed above. Placement Exams are given the week before each semester begins.

Distance Learning Update: There will be no in-person placement exams for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please see the exam page for additional information.