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B.S./M.D. Program: Admissions Policies, Requirements and Application

Sophie Davis Biomedical Education/CUNY School of Medicine

B.S./M.D. Program: Admissions Policies, Requirements and Application


The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education/CUNY School of Medicine is designed to attract students who have an outstanding academic performance in high school with a strong record in the sciences, mathematics, written and verbal communication skills and community service. Academically qualified students who demonstrate maturity, integrity, compassion and motivation needed to become dedicated and highly skilled professionals are those most likely to succeed in the program. The School’s holistic admission review is based on the AAMC standard of assessing students based on each individual’s experiences, attributes and metrix with the goal of matriculating a diverse student body. 

A key factor considered in the admissions process is the applicant's potential and interest in pursuing a career as a primary care doctor in a physician shortage area. This includes opportunities and obstacles that students experienced.

The overall assessment of the applicants by the Admissions Committee includes:

  • Academic ability as demonstrated by high school grades in all subjects, paying special attention to the science scores in 11th grade Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The applicants communication and writing skills also play a role in the admission process.
  • ACT and SAT scores (to be submitted with the application)
  • Personal attributes such as initiative, leadership and responsibility.
  • Interest in working with people as evidenced by health care-related experiences and participation in community and extracurricular activities.

Following a careful initial screening, the most highly qualified applicants are invited for personal interviews. The Admissions Committee makes the final selection of the students admitted for the Fall semester each year from among those interviewed.


To be considered for admission to the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education/CUNY School of Medicine, an applicant must:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Be a high school graduate as of June 30th
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 85 through the first three years of high school
  • Submit ACT and SAT scores
  • Submit three essays
  • Submit five letters of recommendation

Transfer students who have completed no more than one semester of college credits are eligible to apply. (NOTE: College credits earned prior to high school graduation are not counted for this purpose.)
If you have completed college courses for which you wish to be considered for credit, you must submit a copy of the official college transcript with your application.

Application Requirements

Green Snake2Each applicant must submit two separate applications:

The deadline for the application to the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education is January 8th, 2016.

On the general CUNY application, students must list the School of Biomedical Education at City College (Code Number 0179) as a choice. The general application to The City University of New York should be submitted by February 1st.

All applications, inquiries and requests for information about the Sophie Davis admission process should be addressed to:

   Office of Admissions
   The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
   The City College of New York, Harris Hall 101
   160 Convent Avenue
   New York, NY 10031  

   Tel:   (212) 650-7718     
   Fax: (212) 650-7708

Application Information:

B.S/M.D Program

All prospective applicants are required to complete a Sophie Davis VIP Interest Page (SD VIP) and become a VIP member.  To become a SD VIP click here to register.  You will then be able to access customized information regarding your interest in the Program and have access to the Application.

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 For additional information or to request an application, contact:
 Christopher Wanyonyi, Director of Admissions