Frequently Asked Questions

How do I declare the minor?

Students interested in declaring a minor in public policy and public affairs must schedule a meeting with the program director. Students are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to ensure that all program requirements can be met prior to graduation. Courses required to complete the program, such as Introduction to Public Policy, are not typically offered every semester and may conflict with course requirements for other programs. It is therefore wise to plan ahead.

The public policy and public affairs minor program is officially administered by the Office of the Dean of the Powell School (Division of Social Science). The declaration form must be signed by the program director and submitted to the Office of Student Success in Shepard Hall room 505 with a copy provided to the office of the registrar in the Wille Administration Building room 102.

What do I do when I'm finished with the course requirements?

Graduating public policy minors must schedule a meeting with the program director to perform a graduation check. Students must bring a copy their completed program checklist form and current CCNY academic transcript to verify that they have met the requirements for the program (or will have met the requirements for the program upon the successful completion of courses in which they are currently enrolled). The program checklist form must be signed by the program director and submitted to the Office of Student Success in Shepard Hall room 505.

Students should to complete the graduation check early in their final semesters to allow adequate time for their paperwork to process.

Can I substitute a course?

Students must obtain permission from the program director to substitute a course for a course listed on the program checklist. Substitutions are generally permitted for the topical course requirement provided the course is directly relevant to public policy. Higher level courses within a sequence of courses generally substitute for lower level courses. (For example, Intermediate Microeconomics will generally substitute for Principles of Microeconomics, although higher level courses typically require lower level courses as prerequisites.) Generally, most inferential statistics courses will satisfy the research methodology requirement.

Students wishing to make a substitution must provide the syllabus for the course for review by the program director. Courses must bear the same number of credits.

I took a course at another school that transferred to City College. Can it count toward the program?

In general, a required course completed at another institution that appears on your City College transcript will count toward the program. The course must bear three credits, show a passing grade, and appear on your City College transcript as an equivalent CCNY course.

The Office of Academic Standards provides the following information:

Students may have the option of taking Permit courses at another college and transferring the credits towards a degree requirement at CCNY.  Students must meet with an advisor to review and approve the Permit course option to avoid wasting time, money, and energy on courses that are not applicable to their degree. Several restrictions apply.

Undergraduates must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

The Permit course can only be taken at a 4-year college.

The course must be approved by the chair of the corresponding department at CCNY. For example, if a student wishes to take a Political Science course at Baruch College, he or she must obtain permission from the Chair of Political Science at CCNY (or the Chair's designated deputy).

The Permit registration procedure is different depending on whether the course is through a CUNY school (transfer students may not be eligible to participate as they must meet residency and major degree requirements with courses at CCNY).
If the Permit course is through a CUNY school, the student can fill out an e-Permit through CUNY Portal. Classes taken at CUNY schools will be noted on the student's transcript and the final grade will be calculated into his or her GPA.

If the Permit course is not through a CUNY school, the student must fill out a paper Permit form. For these courses, the equivalent CCNY course will be listed on your transcript, along with the credits, but the grade will not be calculated into the student's GPA.

A course I need to take to finish the program is full and I'm about to graduate. What do I do?

If you are unable to register for a course because it is full, contact the instructor directly to request an overtally.

If you cannot overtally, you may be able to add the course at the beginning of the semester if another student drops.

Check other CUNY schools for an equivalent course with open seats and follow the appropriate e-Permit procedure.

What if I receive a poor grade in a required course? Can I take a course pass/fail?

Students must complete each required course with a passing grade of C or better. Courses taken pass/fail cannot count toward major or core requirements.