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of our Medical Interpreter Students who take the National Certification Exam Pass and Receive the Core CCHI credential


Pass rate from our Certified Billing and Coding Certificate Course


Student pass rate on the NHA certification exam from our Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Certification Program

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Continuing and Professional Studies at CCNY


The Office of Continuing and Professional Studies at The City College of New York will help you achieve your goal in becoming a certified professional! Whether you want to become a Pharmacy Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant or attend the English Language Institute, this is your destination. If you are looking for online certifications such as Online Hybrid Medical Billing & Coding, Home Health Aide, International Procurement, or traditional certifications such as Web Development, we are here to help you further your education!

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Read What Students Are Saying About Us:

“I’m so grateful to say that I have completed the CNA program and passed both the state written and skill exams and became a Certified Nurse Assistant. This program helped me a lot especially Professor Castro, she’s one of the best Professor I have ever had; She helped me a lot and she was caring for all of us and wants us to succeed. I couldn’t have done it without her! This program will be beneficial for people who are going into the medical field. I can't wait to share with you all my future steps which is a PA program and CCNY will be my first choice of program. Thank you guys once again.”


"I would like to share some very good news with you. I have been offered a Data Coordinator position at Mount Sinai Hospital - Blood and Marrow Transplant Research Department! I credit in part, the Medical Billing and Coding Training course that I took with you, for this great opportunity. It is my hope that my other classmates found your program as rewarding."

"2020 has been an unarguably challenging year... I’m so honored and grateful for all the knowledge, collaboration and support I received since day one (of the Medical Interpreter program). Thanks to that great experience I found a new job as a Spanish Interpreter and I’m also volunteering with a community clinic based in Chicago. There is no other program as comprehensive and meaningful as this one"


"I am happy and grateful to the amazing CPS team of City College New York and Bronx Lebanon Hospital Special Care center. The training that I received prepared me to hit the ground running from day one at the job. Thank you guys again"

"The English Language Institute is amazing and beneficial, especially for people who continue to attend college. I feel more confident to speak, read and write English."

"I am happy to say that I have successfully completed the CBCS course and received my certificate. I am currently preparing to take the exam in late April/early May. The curriculum was laid out in a way that was very easy to follow and understand. Ms.Judy and her co-teachers were readily available to answer any questions! Overall I am so thankful to have taken this course, I was even hired in my first full-time position as an anesthesia medical biller and will be starting this month! Thank you very much for this experience, and I look forward to continuously learning in this field! In the future if I decide to pursue a coding certification, CCNY will be my first choice of program."




Read below what Dean Juan Carlos Mercado has to say about the Office of Continuing and Professional Studies' future featured as a "Program Highlight" in the Fall 2022 Volume of The City College of New York Alumni Association:

Meet Some of Our Faculty Members

Judilyn F. Canete

Judilyn F. Canete is a Certified Coding and Billing Specialist. The record passing rate of 98% made the college trust the company’s competence and knowledge in this field. She crafted the first and only Online/Hybrid Certified Billing and Coding Specialist in New York which the college has been using to train hospital workers and individuals to become Certified Billing and Coding Specialists.The 100% passing rate on the 2016 and 2017 Medical Billing and Coding Specialist National Board Exam has been its most successful endeavor in the training and education services field.

For more information or to register for upcoming classes taught by Judilyn Canete CLICK HERE

Danny Roman

Professor Roman has been teaching Pharmacy Technician Certificate Courses since 2010 and specifically at the Office of Continuing and Professional Studies since 2012. He has an extensive educational background in Biology and also works at an Inpatient Hospital Pharmacy.

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Christian Gonzalez

Mr. Christian González, is an experienced Spanish Medical and Legal Interpreter-Translator. He has worked in the private and public sectors in the Greater New York Metropolitan area in inpatient and outpatient settings within the context of General Medicine, Specialties and Psychiatry. Mr. González earned his BA in Interpretation and Translation from Hunter College, is a nationally certified medical interpreter by the National Board of Certification of Medical Interpreters and the Certification Commission for Health Care Interpreters and a New York certified court interpreter. Mr. Gonzalez has published a short story “Memoria Circular” in La Revista de la Academia at Hunter College.

For more information or to register for upcoming classes taught by Christian Gonzalez CLICK HERE

Carmen Castro

Carmen Castro is an excellently trained and motivated Professional Registered Nurse (RN) with over 25 years providing high-quality patient care and higher education. Highly credentialed with several achievements and awards, courses taught include Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide Training. Skillset includes all aspects of clinical and nursing skills - from critical procedures, clinical evaluations and assessments to medication administration, documentation, management, Para- Professional Health Institute teaching and staff training using the latest technologies

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