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**NOTE: You must be using a PC/MAC on campus or at a CCNY remotely connected machine to access the work orders site. 


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If a department would like to remove or reassign their Facilitators, an email request from the Dean, Chair or Department Head should be sent to %6e%79.ed%75" rel="nofollow">

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**NOTE: You must be using a PC/MAC on campus or at a CCNY remotely connected machine to access the work orders site. 



How can I find out the status of a work order I have submitted?

1) If you submitted a work order to your department facilitator, please contact your department facilitator for updates.

2) If you are a facilitator and/or have access to the work order system - Login in to the online system with your CUNYfirst credentials and look for your work order in the listing.

3) If any of the above do not relay the information needed, please email us at or call x8675 to check on the status of a work order.


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Facilities Services installs, maintains, and repairs air conditioning and refrigeration units.  Air conditioning thermostats are kept at 78 degrees during the summer months.  For more information contact (212) 650-8675 or 8617. We will also install, repair, and maintain specified departmental laboratory refrigeration equipment and special climate control rooms contact (212) 650-8675.

Carpet and Floors

Requests for carpet cleaning, floor waxing and stripping please use the work request system

See CUSTODIAL SERVICES for more information on.



Construction & Renovation

Design and construction projects are managed by Campus Planning and Capital Projects.  For further information contact (212) 650-8617 or 8675.

Custodial Services

General housekeeping is provided in all buildings and grounds.  Custodians are required to maintain safe, clean, orderly, and sanitary conditions across campus.  For a list of tasks performed by custodians see CUSTODIAL SERVICES.

Deliveries & Shipments

Except for specific items (see below) the campus has no central receiving facility.  Routine deliveries are the responsibility of individual offices.  Offices should make sure that set-up and assembly of equipment or furniture is included with shipping and delivery.

Items such as laptops, computers, and scientific equipment are received and handled by Receiving.  Fragile items and equipment requiring installation will be delivered directly by the vendor.  If you need to verify how your shipment should be handled or if a shipment has arrived please contact (212) 650-8670 for more information.


Electricians are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of the electrical distribution network, electrical equipment, transformers, fire alarms, controls, switches, lighting, and power systems.  For routine repairs please place a work order request.

For immediate attention to electrical problems contact (212) 650-8675 or 8617.

Emergency Maintenance

Situations considered emergencies and requiring prompt attention to avoid danger to health, damage to property, or major inconvenience, such as heating problems, serious roof or pipe leaks, and power failures, etc. should be reported immediately to campus police at the Office of Public Safety (212) 650-6911 or 7777.

When reporting an emergency be sure to give your name and to specify the nature and location of the problem as precisely as possible.

Escalators & Elevators

Inspection, preventative maintenance, and repairs to all campus elevators and escalators are handled by the elevator company.

Emergencies or problems with elevators or escalators should be reported to Facilities Services at (212) 650-8675 or 8617.  If you are unable to reach the office, please contact campus police at (212) 650-7777 or 6911.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers All fire extinguishers on campus buildings are maintained by Facilities Services.  To report a missing, discharged, or misplaced fire extinguisher contact the Office of Public Safety at (212) 650-6911 or 7777.

Heating and Ventilation

Facilities Services provides routine maintenance and repair of heating and ventilation systems.  We also provide laboratory hood ventilation.  For problems related to heating and ventilation please submit a request to our online work request system.

Heating thermostats are kept at 68 degrees during the winter months.  For more information contact (212) 650-8675.

Lab Hood Ventilation

See Heating and Ventilation section above.

Landscaping & Outdoor Services

Facilities Services provides lawn and plant maintenance and irrigation, removal of litter and outdoor debris, sidewalk and street cleaning, snow removal, open drain and trench maintenance for storm sewer systems.  

Locks & Keys

Facilities Services is responsible for issuing keys and for installing, repairing and replacing locks on all campus buildings.  For your security, keys should never be duplicated outside of Facilities Services.  Keys are issued only after a formal Official Key Request Form.pdf is submitted by a dean or chairperson.

Once your key is ready you may pick it up at the Facilities Office at Marshak 1208A, with valid identification.  You may obtain more information by contacting Facilities Services at (212) 650-8675.

The average turnaround time for a key duplicate is 48 business hours.

Lock changes and modifications may be requested through the Facilities Services, but must be approved by the department chair.  Under no circumstances should personal locks be installed anywhere on campus.  Fire safety code requires that all spaces on campus must be accessible with a campus master ke

Maps & Drawings

Drawings and maps of campus facilities are available from Campus Planning.  If you would like to obtain a copy for informational use please submit a work order requestCampus Planning will provide you with a single copy, however, for multiple copies of a particular map you will need to place a duplicating order.  For further information on submitting a duplicating order contact Mail and Duplicating at (212) 650-8670 or 6745.

Moving Services

Facilities Services provides assistance with moving within the campus, such as faculty/staff office moves, moving of large shipments, moves due to renovations, or moves for campus events.  All moves will be scheduled as time allows. 

We also provide packing boxes for use during your move.  We ask that you return these boxes for reuse.  (See packing boxes section below.)  Please contact Facilities Services at (212) 650-8675.

Name Plates and Signs

The Sign Shop provides name plates and signs for doors, offices, labs, and specific areas in building.  These are designed and installed in accordance to the College's general graphics standards and requirements.  Special signs may also be requested.  To request a name plate or sign please submit a work order request.

If you need more information regarding graphic design specifications please send an e-mail to

Pest Control

Routine pest control is provided through Facilities Services.  If you have an urgent problem with a pest, please contact (212) 650-8675.


Facilities Services provides routine maintenance to building plumbing systems including sewers, domestic water systems, drains, plumbing fixtures, and basic repairs.  If you need to report a leaking faucet or clogged drain or toilet, please contact (212)-650-8675 or e-mail at

Processed Water Systems

This is a special service provided by Facilities Services.  For more information contact (212) 650-8675.


The campus has an established recycling program.  Custodial Services collects and disposes of recyclables.  Recycling bins for mixed paper, plastic bottles, and cans are located across campus.  See the Recycling Policy for more information.

Facilities Services also recycles moving boxes.  For more information see packing boxes above.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Security systems are monitored by the Office of Public Safety.   For more information contact (212) 650-6911 or 7777.

Shuttle Bus

The campus shuttle system is provided by the Office of Facilities Management.  The shuttle bus is a safe and convenient way for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to access the CC campus from subway stations in the vicinity.  For specific information on shuttle route maps and schedules call us at (212) 650-8675.


Snow Removal

Grounds Keeping oversees the removal of snow and ice from walkways and parking lots.


The Office of Facilities Management oversees the management, operation, and maintenance of all campus owned vehicles and fleet operators/drivers.  For questions or concerns regarding a campus owned vehicle or a vehicle operator/driver contact (212) 650-8675 or email

We do provide an Off-Campus Transportation Service for a fee. See HERE for additional information

Used & Surplus Property

Facilities Services collects things that aren't being used anymore, such as furniture, computers, and equipment.

For pickup and removal of used items contact Facilities Services at (212) 650-8675.

Waste Removal
For discarding of non-hazardous wastes, such as trash, recycling, and construction debris contact Facilities Services at (212) 650-8675.

For hazardous waste such as chemical and biomedical waste contact Environmental Health and Occupational Safety at (212) 650-5080.

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