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Are you interested in being considered for an undergraduate degree program at the City College of New York for the Spring 2020 semester? Find out how you can schedule an appointment for an immediate decision through our Spring 2020 Direct Admission process.

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General Freshman Admission

2016 Commencement Address by former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama


Honors Admission

The Macualay Honors Experience (Click "YouTube" after starting the video to watch in full screen mode)


International Admission

"This Magic World" by CCNY International Student Mariana Osorio (Click "Vimeo" after starting the video to watch in full screen mode)


Learn more about studying in the United States at the EducationUSA website, or by visiting an EducationUSA Advising Center near you.



Learn more about studying at the City University of New York as an international student with our International Student Guide and Tutorial.





General Deadline
Fall - February 1
Spring - September 15

Macaulay Honors (Fall Only)
December 2 at 6:00 PM EST
Architecture (Fall Only)
February 1
Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program (Fall Only)
January 8
Please check the Supplemental Applications and Instructions section below for all other deadlines.



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