Step 1: Choosing Your Program


Graduate study is open to qualified students who possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. college/university and/or the equivalent from a foreign institution. Graduate credits used to meet undergraduate degree requirements cannot be transferred to a graduate program.

Normally, the equivalent of an undergraduate major in the field is also required along with an adequate background in the field of study, however the final judgment of preparation remains with the respective review committee members.

For each advanced degree, there is an approved course of study that meets University and department requirements. Department requirements are listed in the City College Graduate Bulletin

Once you have identified an area of interest, explore the City College website to learn all about the vast variety of opportunities offered throughout the college. Let MyCityGrad be your personal tour guide.







CUNY School of Medicine

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education (CWE)

Study of the Americas (M.A.)
Concentrations in:
-Dominican Studies
-Human Rights

The Grove School of Engineering

Each candidate for a master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science must complete at least 30 credits as approved by the department and the Dean. A Master of Science Degree (M.S.) is awarded to students who do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Students who have taken graduate work at other institutions may receive up to six credits (nine with the approval of the Committee on Course and Standing) provided that the material is equivalent to a graduate course taught at the college and that it was completed with a grade of B or better within a five-year period preceding matriculation at The City College. The Computer Science Program is only open to students with a computer science baccalaureate degree or extensive undergraduate course work in the field of study. Click here to apply now!

School of Education

Degree candidates are required to be matriculants and to complete the minimum number of graduate credits in an approved program of study (not less than 30), to pass a written Qualifying Examination (unless a B average is achieved at graduation), and to complete Introduction to Educational Research (EDUC 0000I) and Individual Study in Educational Research (EDUC 0100I) or designated equivalent courses.

Sustainability in the Urban Environment, (Interdisciplinary Studies)

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