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Grants and Sponsored Programs (GSP) office utilizes a grant management software for research administration from Cayuse, LLC. Several key modules available from Cayuse are currently used to prepare for proposal submissions, administer grants, and manage other compliance records. At CCNY, we use Cayuse 424 as the submission portal for proposals that are sent to, a common portal used by a wide range of federal sponsors. This provides our faculty researchers and support staff an easier interface to

Cayuse Sponsored Projects (or, Cayuse SP) module allows PIs to quickly and accurately prepare a proposal for internal routing and review, acts as the central hub in which research administrators gain full transparency into the entire research lifecycle, from awards, budgets, to accounts. In junction with the Research Foundation's web report accounting portal, it helps the PIs and the college research administrators to access the award records.

Cayuse SP (Sponsored Projects):
CCNY's enhanced electronic grants management system will extensively streamline internal processes for administering sponsored programs on campus.  Some of the benefits that Cayuse SP offers include:

  • Easy electronic approvals:  Paper transmittal sheets will be replaced by a simple online process for reviewing and approving proposals for submission.
  • Integrated record-keeping:  Principal Investigators and GSP staff will have easy access to proposals, award notices, progress reports and other documents, regardless of submission method (e.g., whether Fastlane for NSF submissions or for NIH).
  • Better tracking and reporting:  Over time, the tracking of proposal and award data will be more robust, allowing for faster and more accurate reporting at the department, division/school and college levels.
Cayuse 424:
CCNY uses Cayuse 424 to submit proposals through  Federal agencies using for proposal submissions include NIH, DOD, NEH, Dept. of Ed, and many more. For Cayuse assistance, please call x5418 or email us at

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