Overview of International Students at CCNY

Welcome to the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS). The Department of International Student & Scholar Services provides services and advocacy for the international students and scholars who are not permanent residents of the United States. Additionally, it provides pre-semester orientation programs and semester long workshops that assist with adapting to life in the United States while pursuing their education. Professional counseling assistance is available for students with immigration concerns, or academic and personal difficulties.

CUNY International Student Guide


We would like to take the opportunity to highlight our former International Student of the Month (May 2019) Shuaijun Li. Take a look at the video below.




Make NAC 1/107 your first stop!

All new International Students are required to report to our office and fill out a contact sheet. Students must also bring in copies of their passport, visa, and a printout of the I-94. The form I-94 is available by inputting your visa information in the link below.






Also, in order to maintain matriculation you must be physically present within the United States

Immigration Updates

Immigration tips in times of uncertainty 

For DACA students who have reached our page, please click on this link for information specific to your status.


International Student of the Month for February 2020  Silvija Skemaite of Lithuania

February 2020 Student of the Month

I grew up in Lithuania and came to New York for my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering back in 2016. Engineering seemed like the perfect blend of creativity and problem solving that I was looking for in a career. I also picked up a Minor in Computer Science which satisfied my intellectual curiosity and opened a lot of doors for me along the way. My internship experience at Mastercard and IBM uncovered my passion for product management that I aim to pursue after my graduation in May 2020.

Join on-campus clubs and other organizations in the field of your interest as soon as you enter the academic world. It will help you better understand yourself, meet like-minded people, and help evaluate your career prospects. It is never too early to start building your network!

The Society of Women Engineers club on campus gave me a sense of purpose beyond myself. Being on the SWE e-board serving as President enabled me to help students prepare for the workforce and encourage them to pursue an engineering career. I immersed myself into bringing professional development and recruitment opportunities to campus to better our members. This leadership experience unlocked my passion for bringing people from various backgrounds together for a common goal.

I have grown to realize that grit is one of the most crucial personality traits that can help a person get ahead in life, achieve their wildest dreams, and become successful. As Angela Lee Duckworth said in her Ted Talk speech, grit encompasses passion and perseverance. It helped me get through the toughest times and keep my eyes on the end goal no matter how challenging something got. Being consistent with your passion projects and/or schoolwork will give you peace of mind, help you face challenges with confidence and achieve your goals.

I believe that it is important to continuously keep asking yourself about what gets you excited and never stop exploring. College is the time to explore different activities, learn about yourself, and uncover your passions. Try research, industry internships, club leadership. You won’t know where your passion lies until you try.

Recently I stumbled upon a quote by Benjamin Franklin "Failing to plan is planning to fail" which was used by a career coach on LinkedIn. I found this quote to be applicable to more areas in life than just recruitment. It is important to have a job search strategy ready and treat it like a “full-time job” itself during the recruiting season. However, I’ve found Franklin’s words to be true to all aspects of my daily life. Time management has become one of the most valuable personal assets I use every day. I found that my life is less stressful and more productive if I plan out my week and decide on the two most important tasks that need to get done the following day the night before.


Maribel Morua

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