Dean Gilda Barabino

Coronavirus Response Update - Message to Staff

Following is Dean Barabino's communication to all GSOE staff (March 18, 2020).
Dear GSOE Staff,
I’d like to start off by thanking you for the level of support and professionalism you’ve exhibited since the onset of what is now known as the COVID-19 pandemic. I saw many of you earlier this week in what was a clear effort to ensure the continuity of services to our students and our colleagues—and I know several more began their transition to support distance learning efforts and a telecommuting work model. 
As we continue to work together to navigate through this crisis, I want to provide a brief update on how the Grove School will operate and the steps we need to take in order to be successful. 
The Grove School will follow a telecommuting/ work-from-home model that will support the physical distancing proven effective in slowing the spread of the coronavirus until further notice. While the campus remains open, individuals who may need to pickup materials/personal belongings or drop off documents will be able to do so. In the event, documents need to be dropped off, first please be sure to contact the office ahead of time to coordinate when and where the materials should to be dropped off. 
Telecommuting – Action Required
The College requires that we document the plans in place for employees who are telecommuting. All staff members who will be working remotely or on a modified schedule must complete and submit the attached Telecommuting/ Flexible Schedule Request Form to their supervisorsThe completed forms, which require supervisor approvals, must then be emailed to  by 3pm today, March 18th for the Dean’s approval. This form will need to be completed for each week that the telecommuting schedule is in effect.
Directory Contact Information 
All staff members working remotely are expected to frequently monitor their emails and respond to calls/voicemails. In an effort to ensure that those who attempt to contact us receive a timely response, I ask that you review your contact information in the college directory (name, title and contact information) for accuracy. Please send any corrections to Tannan Wilson ( ) who will compile and submit a list for updating.
Positive and effective communication will be critical during this shift to remote operation. Please be sure schedule regular check-ins with your supervisors and ensure that all office voicemails are up-to-date. Instruction to check voicemail and set up call forwarding are found below and full telecom instructions can be found here:
It has come to my attention that some email broadcasts are sometimes delayed or not received by all GSOE staff members, so I ask that you monitor the college and CUNY websites to stay abreast of the latest updates.
I recognize these unprecedented times are stressful and anxiety inducing for many of us and I encourage us all to be patient and compassionate with one another. Thank you once again for your service and commitment to our students and our mission. Please reach out to your supervisors if you have any questions and feel free to reach out to me if any uncertainty remains.
Thank you and above all stay safe.
Gilda A. Barabino, Ph.D..
Dean of Engineering 
Daniel and Frances Berg Professor
The Grove School of Engineering
The City College of New York
To Check Your CCNY voicemail remotely:
1.     Dial into the voicemail system: 212-650-8778  
2.     Follow the prompts to enter your extension number
3.     Enter your passcode
4.     Dial 1 to hear new messages or  5 to listen to saved messages. After the message has been played, follow system prompts for saving, deleting or forwarding the voicemail message.
To setup Call Forwarding (all calls):
1.     Lift the handset or press speaker to receive dial tone
2.     Press the line (extension) that you want to forward calls 
3.     Press the CFA button,  or  #9  if CFA button is not available, and receive stutter dial tone
4.     Dial the internal extension or the outside number to which you want the calls to forward. For outside numbers, include 9-1 area code and number.  (Ex.  cell # (91-646-123-4567
5.     Hear a different tone indicating calls are now forwarded and on the phone screen you will see “forward set
6.     Hang up
To Cancel Call forwarding  
1.     Lift the handset or press speaker to receive dial tone 
2.     Press the line (extension) that you want to cancel the forwarding on
3.     Press CFA key or *9 if no CFA button available 
4.     Hang up


The future is engineered here.

Grove engineers are applying innovative solutions to the greatest challenges of our times.  Whether you are just beginning your undergraduate career or finishing up your doctorate, at the Grove School of Engineering you will work with world-renowned engineering mentors on cutting edge research—no surprise, as Grove faculty oversee 15 research institutes in fields that range from energy and sustainability, nanotechnology, and materials engineering to transportation and remote sensing. These institutes and other labs provide an unmatched training ground for City Engineers in the making.

Long the most popular area chosen by our undergraduates, engineering at City offers students a full complement of degrees—BE, BS, ME, MS, MIS, and PhD—in a broad range of fields.  They also have the opportunity to work with world-class mentors in advanced research laboratories.

Grove supports its students through professional development, student clubs that compete on a regional and national level, and study abroad opportunities that range from our Engineers Without Borders, whose students built a clean water system in El Salvador over several summers, to our membership in the U.S. Global Engineering Education Exchange, which will enable our students to spend a semester or a year at a foreign university.



Contact Information

The Grove School of Engineering

Steinman Hall
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY  10031

p: 212.650.8020 (Undergraduate Inquiries)
p: 212.650.8030 (Graduate Inquiries)