The Colin Powell School is home to the social science departments at CCNY as well as the core leadership development and public service programs of the College. With 4,000 students, and graduating the most CCNY students annually, the Colin Powell School's mission is to transform the nation’s most diverse student body into tomorrow’s global leaders. Half of our students are immigrants; most come from lower-income backgrounds. More than seventy percent are first-generation college students, and eighty percent are people of color. The Colin Powell School and City College remain among the most effective engines of economic and social mobility in the United States. The School is led by a faculty dedicated to the highest standards of research and to the university’s democratic and public obligations 

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Why Colin Powell School?

Fast Facts


of all CCNY Graduates each year are Colin Powell School students


students supported through scholarship and fellowship programs


Languages are spoken on campus and we come from over 100 countries around the world


Internships Placements and counting

Need advising? 

Office of Academic Advising
Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership
The City College of New York
NAC Building Room 6-293
O.: 212.650.8551

Academic Advising Walk-in Schedule

Monday to Thursday 
10 AM - 7 PM  
Friday 10 PM - 2 PM  

Email Advisors

Herbert Seignoret,  
Maria Moran,


Scarlett Farray,
Aldonsa Tejada,


Need advising from faculty? 

Please contact your faculty advisor in your department. Academic departments and individual faculty members may have additional hours in their department offices.



North Academic Center, Room 6/141, 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031
p: 212.650.5861    I    f: 212.750.5865