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Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

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The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership launches a new Climate Policy Fellows Program this fall 2019 to support CCNY undergraduate students from the sciences, social sciences, architecture and engineering with training, professional development, and internship opportunities that link climate-related science, engineering and economics to public policy. 
The program will support an inaugural class of 20 Climate Policy Fellows in 2019-20. Led by Trevor Houser, a 2006 CCNY alum who is an international climate and policy leader, the program involves: 
Two intensive three-day workshops led by a range of senior national and international climate policy leaders. The workshops will prepare fellows to understand how science, engineering and economics research affects public policy, and how policy-making shapes these fields of research. The workshops will also include leadership and professional development. The dates for Fall 2019 are : 
→ Beginning at 2pm on Sept 26 and ending by 3pm on Sept 28. 
→ Beginning at 2pm on Oct 17 and ending by 3pm on Oct 19. 
Production of policy briefs by each fellow on a climate-related subject, to be refined between the September and October meetings, with support and advice from faculty and experts in the field. 
Mentorship and special meetings with leading local practitioners in the climate field during academic year 2019-2020. Fellows will be supported with $500 stipends and with access to special internship opportunities with leading NGOs in the climate and sustainability fields for Summer 2020. 
To Apply: 
Applicants for the program must be available to participate fully in both the September and October workshops. The program is intended for equal numbers of science, engineering, architecture and social science students with an interest in climate and sustainability policy work. In order to apply to become a 2019 Climate Policy Fellows, please submit your resume and transcript, along with answers to the following three questions:

1.)  How do your educational and professional experiences so far shape your long-term interest in working at a senior level in the climate and sustainability fields?

2.)  How would you like to see your career develop over the next decade or two?

3.)  What are three questions you would like to see addressed as part of the program?

Answers to the questions can be brief and combined should not exceed two pages. In addition, please include the names and contact information for two references. 
Send your application materials to Akasha Solis, Fellowships Manager, at by Friday, July 12, 2019.

Don't forget to collect your 2019 Diploma Certificates

Obtaining Original Diploma

  • In Person: All graduates will be notified to their CCNY email address regarding diploma availability.  Diplomas are available approximately 3 months after each official graduation term. Graduates will be able to pick up their diplomas at the Registrar's office Administration Building room 102.   
  • By Mail: The diploma is not automatically mailed to you. If you wish to have the diploma mailed you must print, complete, and submit a Diploma Mail request form
  • Third Party Pick Up: If you wish to have a third party pick up your diploma, you must print, complete, and submit a Diploma Pick-Up authorization form along with your picture id and the third party picture id.
  • Diplomas are retained in the Office of the Registrar until picked up or mailed by request.

We will also notify you via Social Media about the availability of the Diplomas.

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