Est. Fall 2021. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Student Center is a collaborative resource dedicated to celebrating, empowering, and supporting LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and faculty at The City College of New York.  We are committed to leading with a social justice lens, offering and connecting LGBTQ+ communities at CCNY with accessible support services, relevant programming, engaging events, paid internship/job opportunities, and support navigating college life for those who identify as LGBTQ+ or questioning.  The LGBTQ+ Student Center is also dedicated to increasing awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, gender, and sexuality at City College.  

The new LGBTQ+ Student Center is located on the first floor of North Academic Building (NAC), Room 1/101B in the “Safe Space” resource room.  The center will serve as a hub for new student programs and activities. The LGBTQ+ Student Center is a safe space for all LGBTQIA+ students and allies to meet and build community. You all are welcome here!   

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There are several ways to get involved with the CCNY LGBTQ+ Student Center - check out the following and explore the above tabs:    

Join Our Email List

Join our growing listserv HERE to get email updates about upcoming LGBTQ+ events, opportunities, and resources at CCNY, CUNY, and around NYC!

Stop by Our Lounge & Meet the LGBTQ+ Open Alliance Club

The CCNY LGBTQ+ Student Center is also a lounge that LGBTQ+, questioning, and allied students can use to relax, study, hang out, eat, or maybe take a nap! We are located in NAC Room 1/101B (right next to the NAC Ballroom). Just sign in once daily at our front desk and enjoy your time in our lounge! Our lounge is open from 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

The undergraduate LGBTQ+ Open Alliance club also has its meeting in our Center throughout the academic year. The LGBTQ+ Open Alliance club is a great way to connect with LGBTQ+, questioning, and allied folks at CCNY. Click HERE to learn more.

NOTE: Please be mindful of our lounge rules which are posted throughout our Center. Violators of these rules or CCNY/CUNY policies could be prohibited from using the lounge and reported to the CCNY Office of Community Standards within the CCNY Division of Student Affairs and/or the CCNY Office of Diversity and Compliance.

Student Advisory Board

Apply to join the Student Advisory Board, a committee of students overseeing the development of the LGBTQ+ Student Center’s mission, vision and programming. Undergraduate, graduate, part-time and full-time students are invited to serve on the board. Click HERE to learn more and apply (applications open every Summer). 



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North Academic Center, Room 101B

Office hours:
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM