Admissions Scholarships

The Admissions Scholarship Process

Scholarships are money for your education and expenses that do not need to be repaid. On this page, you will find scholarships for incoming students. 


Submit an interest form after you’ve been admitted to CCNY


If matched to a scholarship, accept your offer of admission by the listed date


Submit Thank You Letter and FERPA form


Enroll in classes

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Basic Requirements

In order to qualify for an admissions scholarship, you’ll need to meet certain eligibility criteria:

1. Apply for Financial Aid: Be sure to submit a FAFSA and TAP application each year so that we can determine your overall need. If you are not eligible to submit the FAFSA, review your eligibility to apply for the Senator José Peralta New York State DREAM Act.

2. Enroll Full-Time: Enroll in at least 12 credits per semester to maintain your award.

3. Check for last-dollar Awards: If you are already receiving Excelsior or other ‘last-dollar’ scholarship awards, you will not be eligible to receive additional admissions scholarships.

4. Fulfill Academic or Service Requirements: Some scholarships require that you provide service or maintain a certain GPA in order to maintain eligibility.

5. Submit Documents: In order to receive a scholarship, a Thank You Letter and FERPA are required each semester that you are eligible to receive the award. 


Scholarship Programs

Macaulay Honors College

The Macaulay Honors program offers incoming students with a variety of benefits, including a Full-Tuition Scholarship for New York State residents.  Click here for more information:

City College Honors Program

The City College Honors Program is a program for high-achieving students across all disciplines.  Students in the City College Honors Program receive priority registration, intensive mentoring  and scholarship.  Click here for more information.

Tuschman Family Scholarship Ambassador Program

The Tuschman Family Scholarship is designed for promising students with financial need who can provide service to the college as admissions ambassadors. The scholarship awards $5k per year over the course of 4 years to promising students who are eager to use education to change their personal outcomes.


General Scholarships

The Olinger Lindner Educational Scholarship

The Olinger Lindner Educational Scholarship offers the potential to cover tuition, fees, books, and supplies, lightening the financial burden for deserving students as they pursue their educational ambitions.

The Nurick, Lester Scholarship

The Nurick, Lester Scholarship honors Lester Nurick, a grateful CCNY alumnus from the Class of 1934. After his tuition-free CCNY education, he attended Brooklyn Law School while working full time. Following his service in WWII, he had a distinguished career at the World Bank, retired as its General Counsel, and taught international law in DC for over two decades. Lester's family established this scholarship to honor his legacy and provide financial support to exceptional students for CCNY education.

The Arlene & Irving Tashlick'49 Perpetual Endowed Scholarship

The Arlene & Irving Tashlick '49 Scholarship is established in honor of Arlene and Irving Tashlick, aims to recognize and empower talented individuals who exhibit outstanding academic potential and determination to excel in their academic pursuits. By providing assistance to deserving scholars, this scholarship fund reflects the Tashlicks' enduring commitment to education and their belief in the potential of students to shape a brighter future.

The Aaron Rosenthal & Estelle Rosenthal Walnick Scholarship Fund

The Aaron Rosenthal & Estelle Rosenthal Walnick Scholarship Fund is committed to offering vital financial assistance to exceptional high school graduates facing financial challenges. Named in honor of Aaron Rosenthal and Estelle Rosenthal Walnick, this scholarship assists students to further their educational journey.

The Philip and Gloria Weiss Scholarship

The Philip and Gloria Weiss Scholarship, established by Stanley Weiss '59 in loving memory of his parents, Philip and Gloria Weiss, is a beacon of hope for students facing financial hardship. This scholarship provides crucial support to those who might otherwise struggle to afford college tuition. To be eligible, students must meet the College's requirements and demonstrate financial need.

The Lee Epstein & Rose Lansman Epstein Scholarship Fund

The Lee Epstein & Rose Lansman Epstein Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to deserving students, honoring their dedication to academic excellence and commitment to furthering their education.


Specialized High School Scholarships

The Jack Feinstein Brooklyn Tech Scholarship

The Jack Feinstein Brooklyn Tech Scholarship awards exceptional high school students from Brooklyn Technical High School. This scholarship celebrates academic excellence and emphasizes Jack Feinstein's unwavering dedication to fostering the development of future leaders.

The Celia Portnoy Memorial Scholarship

The Celia Portnoy Memorial Scholarship awards dedicated graduates of Stuyvesant High School as they pursue their higher education at the City College of New York (CCNY). This scholarship, established in memory of Celia Portnoy, provides financial assistance to deserving students, enabling them to pursue their academic aspirations.

The Brooklyn Tech/CCNY Scholarship

The Brooklyn Tech/CCNY Scholarship is established to extend financial support to students who have graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School. This scholarship opportunity is aimed at recognizing the accomplishments of talented individuals who have completed their education at Brooklyn Tech and are now continuing their academic journey at CCNY.

Stuyvesant-CCNY Honors Scholarship

The Stuyvesant-CCNY Honors Scholarship is designed to assist Stuyvesant High School students as they embark on their academic journey in the City College Honors Program, recognizing their exceptional abilities and dedication to scholarly excellence.

The Muriel & Bert Brodsky Scholarship

The Muriel & Bert Brodsky Scholarship is dedicated to supporting students from Bronx Science. This scholarship, established in honor of Muriel and Bert Brodsky, provides financial assistance to exceptional students pursuing their studies at the City College of New York.


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