Announcements and News

November 2018

Colin Polin Fellowship Information Session on Thursday November, 29th!


September 2018

 Dr. Matthew Reilly was just awarded a fellowship with the American Anthropological Association's Leadership Fellows Program of 2018! The announcement was printed in Anthropology News.

"I am thrilled to be part of the Leadership Fellows Program. The past plays a crucial role in understanding our present and shaping our future, and it is my intention to work with the AAA to facilitate more substantive dialogue between archaeologists and cultural anthropologists with the shared goal of striving for social justice. I will work hard to encourage student involvement and participation in the AAA and strive to build an inclusive, public-facing association that affects change at all levels of society." - Dr. Reilly 

July 2018

Chair of the Department, Dr. Irina Silber, was recently awarded Escritor del Mes!

The recent Spanish language translation of "Everyday Revolutionaries: Gender, Violence and Disillusionment in Postwar El Salvador"

titled "Cotidianidad Revolucionaria: Genero, Violencia y Desencanto en la Posguerra Salvadoreña" was recognized by Librería UCA!