CCAPP Academic Activities

Academic Support And Enrichment Activities


Freshmen Summer Program

This program will prepare students for their first college level science courses, and will give them a head start in their majors. It is an intensive four week problem solving experience that combines the teaching of problem solving techniques with content in chemistry and physics. The techniques are also applied to projects based upon engineering design problems. Students work in teams led by City College upper classmate.

  • Problem Solving Instruction in Science

    Students will be introduce to topics in chemistry and physics, and will be given problems to solve that stress the application of these scientific concepts. Team leaders are trained to ask questions that force their students to think through the problems and develop their problem solving skills.

  • Practical Design Activity

    For this activity, mathematical solutions are applied to practical design problems. The problems are constructed so that there can be several solutions. Student teams set to work on a problem and prepare a presentation of the solution that may include charts, graphs and models and always a forma write-up.

  • Team Approach

    Students work in teams that are organize by majors. Often teammates become friends for life.

Academic Support

  • Academic Advising

    Advisors help CCAPP students plan their academic programs and assist them through the registration process. They are also available to help students deal with personal and academic problems that interfere with their academic progress.

  • Tutoring and Study Skills Workshops

    Tutoring is offered in required and elective science courses by Appointment or Walk-In and is offered free of charge. Participants improve their grades, learn good study habits and form their own study groups. Academic skills workshops are offered to help students build skills necessary to succeed in college.

  • Peer Mentoring

    Entering students are matched with upper division students to help students:

    • develop effective study habits and behaviors that will help them balance their personal lives with their lives as college students
    • effectively manage their time
    • improve communication, and interpersonal skills
    • prepare for exams
    • develop leadership and organizational skills
    • provide other social support for the students, such as friendship and networking
  • Student Centers

    The CCAPP Science Study Center located in Marshak Hall, 7th Floor, Room 708 is open 24/7 and provides a comfortable safe meeting place for tutoring, study and to exchange ideas and experiences.

Professional & Career Development

CCAPP provides guidance, information and experience to help students recognize their talents and areas of interest. Learn about various careers, realize the requirements of these careers and match their talents and interests with the appropriate career choice.

To accomplish these objectives CCAPP does the following:

  • Refer students to research and internship opportunities
  • Organizes seminars that inform students about careers in their majors
  • Offers participation in professional conferences
  • Provides review courses to prepare students for entry into graduate and professional schools
  • Assists students in finding mentors and role models in their future professions

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