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The City College Academy for Professional Preparation serves undergraduate or graduate students.  Students must be: New York State residents, enrolled in STEM or licensure qualifying programs; and Economically disadvantaged; or Black, Hispanic, Alaskan Native, or American  Indian. 

Hispanic or Latino *
American Indian or Native Alaskan *
Asian *
Black or African American *
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander *
White *

If selected into the program based on financial need then you must submit current year Student Aid Report (SAR) to the advisor who interviewed you to confirm eligibility.

New York State Opportunity Programs Income Eligibility Criteria 2016-17

Number in Household Dependent on Income 2016-17
1 $21,978
2 $29,637
3 $37,296
4 $44,955
5 $52,614
6 $60,273
7 $67,9511
1 Add $7,696 for each family member in excess of 7.


Please specify your annual household income.
First in your family to attend a four-year college/university to attain a bachelor's degree.
Academic Majors with Inventory of Registered Programs (IRP) Codes.

CCAPP – Student Contract of Commitment

The City College Academy for Professional Preparation is funded by a CSTEP grant from the New York State Education Department. It is a support and enrichment program for students designed to foster their academic success in preparation for careers in the scientific, technical or health related fields.

Services provided to CCAPP scholars are advising, academic and personal skills development, tutoring, career enrichment activities, internships and research opportunities and graduate and professional school preparation.


CCAPP scholars must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.7, meet with a CCAPP advisor each semester, and participate in CCAPP events and activities. I, agree to comply with the requirements of the CCAPP program as stated above.