Science Mentoring Program

What is SMP?

Science Mentoring Program (SMP) underthe Division of Science (DoS) functions as amentor-leadership training program for a community of students who study science subjects or are on the STEM track, with or without healthcare as a focus.

SMP members are supported by a panel of experienced mentors who introduce the members to university life and work alongside them in task-based activities. Each mentor has their own skill set, and mentees may interact with as many as they choose in individual sessions.

Mentee Applicant 

Must interview to demonstrate a commitment to being mentored and a willingness to undertake SMP opportunities with ongoing leadership assessment. 

Program Goals:

To develop a mentor-training community that offers leadership goals reachable for every student, from freshman to senior, with support and training. SMP builds its identity out of the strong efforts and good intentions of the members who join. It is a unique endeavor.

Program Benefits

  • Connect with a Community of Mentors
  • Develop Inter-Personal Skills
  • Help Adjust to STEM Major Challenges
  • Leadership Training Opportunities
  • College Information & Resources
  • Team Building Experiences

Mentor Applicant 

Preliminary interview is required for entrance into the program. Mentors serve to demystify academia in order to prepare mentees for best academic outcomes. Mentors provide access to information and encourage team work with a leadership capacity. 

To Apply:

Please Contact: Ms. Ahalya Bodasing, Coordinator
Location: Marshak Hall of Science, 1st Floor, Room 108

Last Updated: 08/16/2023 13:01