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Curriculum Overview

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Curriculum Overview

In order to meet the requirements for graduation, all students are required to complete three different kinds of courses: general education courses, major courses, and free elective courses. The links on the right will give you detailed information on each.

  • General education courses will give you broad exposure to a wide range of disciplines and will strengthen your core writing, quantitative, language, and critical thinking skills. 
  • Major courses, on the other hand, provide you with in-depth learning in a single discipline and allow you to develop expertise in an area of study. 
  • Free electives are courses you choose that might complement your major courses, allow you to explore an interest in a field outside your major, or provide you an opportunity to strengthen key skills.

At the end of the day, you need 120 credits to graduate. Keep in mind that the difference between an average college degree and a powerful, meaningful, deliberate college experience lies in how you accumulate those 120 credits. There is no "one good path" to graduation. As a college student, you have the opportunity (and responsibility) to craft a course of study that suits your interests, your skills, and your goals.  You should take care in selecting courses each semester: be sure that you understand what courses you are taking and why.