Colin Powell School Scholarships and Fellowships

CPS fellows


2-year program with seminars, a summer internship, and professional development 

$10,000/year over 2 years 

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The Colin Powell Fellowship in Leadership and Public Service is a two-year, intensive program for undergraduate students. The experience is designed to prepare fellows for lives of public service and active citizenship, and enable them to apply their skills to issues of public concern. Students accepted into the Colin Powell Fellowship acquire a broad knowledge of political institutions and the policy-making process, and learn about public service careers and opportunities. Fellows also explore leadership development and methods for creating social change.


Deadline: The deadline for the Fall 2020 class is  March 13th, 2020. Applicants must submit materials to


1-year internship at a government organization or NGO 

$5,000 for 1 year 

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The Edward I. Koch Fellowship in Public Service supports motivated students who devote 200 or more hours of service each year to nonprofit organizations and government agencies throughout New York City. Through the program, CCNY students can experience first-hand the challenges and rewards of working for the common good, interact with professionals in their chosen field of interest, and see how community organizations work to meet public needs. Additionally, Koch Scholars participate in workshops and discussions that enhance their ability to engage communities in meaningful ways and provide opportunities for leadership development, reflection, and engaged learning.


Deadline: The deadline for the Fall 2020 class is  March 13th, 2020. Applicants must submit materials to


The Climate Policy Fellows Program is designed to support CCNY undergraduate students from the sciences, social sciences, architecture and engineering degree programs with training, professional development, and internship opportunities that link climate-related science, engineering, and economics to public policy. Fellows will participate in two intensive three-day workshops led by a range of senior national and international climate policy leaders. The workshops will prepare fellows to understand how science, engineering, and economics research affects public policy, and how policy-making shapes these fields of research. 

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Deadline: The deadline for the Fall 2020 class is March 13th, 2020. Applicants must submit materials to


The Boudreau Fellows Program honors the Colin Powell School’s inaugural dean, Vince Boudreau. Each Boudreau Fellow will receive an academic year scholarship of $5,000.

Applicants should:

  • Have roughly two years of undergraduate study left at CCNY;
  • Be studying finance and should have an interest in corporate social responsibility;
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA.

To Apply:

Applicants for the program should submit their resumes and transcripts,  as well as answers to the following three questions:

  1. Why are you interested in finance, and how have your studies so far informed your professional ambitions?
  2. How would you like to see your career develop over the next decade or two?
  3. In what ways is corporate social responsibility important to those with careers in finance?

Answers to the questions can be brief and combined should not exceed two pages. In addition, please include the names and contact information for two references. If you have questions, please be in touch with
Kevin Foster, Associate Dean at or
Matthew Nagler, Chair, Economics, and Bussiness at

Send your application materials to Charlene Darbassie at by Thursday, June 15th, 2020.




A 1-year project with a partner organization $15,000 for 1 year ​​​​​​

Download the Application here

Each year the Colin Powell School selects five graduate students from the social science graduate programs offered through the Colin Powell School (Economics, International Relations, General Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, Master's in Public Administration (MPA), and Sociology) to participate in the Colin Powell Fellowship for a one-year period. Graduate students are encouraged to explore ways in which their developing academic expertise can be used to address urgent public problems in underserved communities. Fellows take part in weekly seminars that meet regularly throughout the year. They also take part in special events and have opportunities to hear from distinguished public figures.


Deadline: The deadline for the Fall 2020 class is  March 13th, 2020. Applicants must submit materials to

The Colin Powell School offers a variety of fellowships for both undergraduate and graduate students at the City College of New York. They are open to all students regardless of the major.




The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership will award a Jerome Levy Foundation Graduate Fellowship to support one recent graduate of the Colin Powell School for graduate studies in Europe during the 2019-2020 academic year. The award will provide up to $50,000 in stipend support, which can be used to cover the costs of tuition, room, board, fees, books, and travel.

Applicants for the Jerome Levy Foundation Graduate Fellowship must have:

  • Graduated with a degree from the Colin Powell School and CCNY within the past five years;
  • Finished their studies at CCNY with a GPA of 3.2 or higher;
  • Demonstrate that they have gained admission to an accredited graduate program in Europe;
  • Plan to be enrolled full-time in a graduate program in the academic year 2019-2020

Jerome Levy Foundation Graduate Fellowship Application