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You Are the Colin Powell School

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

You Are the Colin Powell School

2014-15 Fellows, General Powell
Two years ago, well before the Colin Powell School was launched, we wrote a document we referred to as the “case” for the school. As part of the original draft, we asked the question ‘What makes a school’ and we answered by highlighting the ways a school is set apart from the departments or division on a large campus. A school has a cohesive mission and through that mission, brings together students and faculty to find solutions to our most pressing questions.


But a school is so much more than answers to questions. A school, our school, is made up of over 2,500 students from undergraduates to graduate students working on their Ph.D. dissertations. Our faculty is made up of over 150 educators – each of them dedicated to the mission of the Colin Powell School and to our students. We have over 25 staff members who come to campus each day with one goal in mind: to work with students and faculty to make the school a place where all ideas are welcome. We are, just this semester, beginning to discuss the ways in which we are a place of diversity – not only of backgrounds but of thought – and it’s because of our students, faculty and staff that we can look ahead to the many goals that will be reached over the coming years. 

And then there’s each of you – our alumni, numbering in the thousands through your time at City College as students in the former Division of Social Sciences; the parents of our students, our donors and our partners across the city and around the world. Without the history that brought us to our inauguration just over a year ago, the momentum we are experiencing now could not exist, and for that we are both grateful and inspired as we plan for the continued growth of the school. Over the next few months and years, we’ll share with you as we institute new program changes, added majors and the planned completion of our Alumni House construction project which, when finished, will serve as a central location for all of our community-based projects. 
While we continue to look back at the history of the social sciences at City College, we remain steadfast in our vision for the future and we look forward to having you as our partners because, like us, you are the Colin Powell School.

The Colin Powell School welcomes alumni from all class years to connect with us as we begin to announce programs and activities throughout the year. To learn more about our event series and campus activities, follow us on social media. For more information on young alumni (ages 21 – 35) activities, please contact: Nkem Ejoh at For all other alumni-related needs, please contact Dee Dee Mozeleski at