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Aliyyah Baylor

Continuing and Professional Studies

Aliyyah Baylor

Aliyyah Baylor

 Aliyyah BaylorThis renowned Chief Baking Officer (CBO) of Make My Cake, is a third-generation baker who learned by watching her mother and grandmother cook. Aliyyah has been carrying on the family's baking tradition for more than thirty years and has been featured on the Food Network's Throw Down with Bobby Flay. Aliyyah credits her grandmother's love for cooking and entrepreneur spirit with helping develop her internationally renowned culinary skills.

She said that her grandmother moved first to Alabama, and later Mississippi, before settling in the Big Apple in the 1940s, selling her delicious baked cakes and other treats out of her home kitchen. "I grew up watching my grandmother, Ma Smith, whipping up mouth-watering, southern-style recipes," said Aliyyah, who by 13 was helping her mother bake and sell their now-famous baked goods from their home until overwhelming popular demand forced the family to open two storefront locations with the flagship in Harlem. The recipes created by Make My Cake combine the southern baking traditions of Alabama and Mississippi with a touch of Harlem.

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