Cátedra Mario Vargas Llosa

Catedra Mario Vargas Llosa

Knights And Dragons In Modern Times. The Tradition Of Miguel De Cervantes.

Caballeros Y Dragones En El Mundo Moderno. La Tradición De Miguel De Cervantes.

Tuesday, 13 October (at CCNY)
Thursday, 15 October (at Instituto Cervantes)
Friday, 16 October (at CCNY)
Hours: 4:30-8:30 pm
General Registration: $224

Offered through the Cátedra Mario Vargas Llosa at The City College, CUNY, with Instituto Cervantes, this seminar focuses on Mario Vargas Llosa’s narrative as it relates to Miguel de Cervantes’s tradition.  Taught in Spanish by Alonso Cueto, leading Peruvian novelist and critic, with Raquel Chang-Rodríguez, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, the seminar will explore power in human relationships and the ambiguous  nature of rebellion.  It will examine the techniques Vargas LLosa uses in his fiction to express a world in which his characters --modern knights of chivalric literature-- confront the dragons of the narrative. There will be lectures, audio-visual support, ample time for discussion and interaction, as well as opportunity to develop individual projects.

Open to students with good command of Spanish.

Suggested Reading:

  1. La ciudad y los perros (any edition)
  2. El Quijote (any edition)

For registration and seminar information, contact:

212-650-7312, or
Darwin Davis

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