Computer Essentials

This course is for students who want to develop their computer skills and knowledge of everyday computer applications.

Beginners to advanced-level students welcome. The instructor will assess student needs and interests and work with students to create a custom-tailored curriculum.

Topics may include:

  • Basic Computer Skills
    Keyboarding and mouse skills, operating systems, and file management.
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word and GoogleDocs)
    Create and save documents, open to edit and apply formatting tools, insert clipart and print, upload and edit online documents.
  • Presentation (Microsoft Power Point and Prezi)
    Create a presentation, add slides, modify layout, edit text, apply formatting to slides, insert clipart,  and run a slideshow.
  • Email (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
    Create email accounts, draft, send, and receive emails, setup address books, use calendar.
  • Database (Microsoft Excel and Access)
    Create a spreadsheet, edit, format and use simple formulas for calculations, create tables and forms to enter data, edit and modify data and tables, filter records, create reports, and print.

Fall 2016

October 15 - December 17
10:00am - 1:00pm 
9 sessions, 27 hours



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