ADDENDUM3 - Satisfactory Academic Progress

Student Handbook on Academic Policies and Procedures, Spring 2019 Edition
Note: The updated portion of the section is the last paragraph (bold print).
Section: MD Program
17.      Satisfactory Academic Progress (Page 26)
d. Maximum Time Frame
The normal time frame for completion of required course work for the MD degree is four academic 
years. Due to academic or personal difficulties or scholarly enrichment activities, a student may 
require additional time. In such situations, an academic plan may be established for the student 
that departs from the norm and that may require the repetition of all or a part of a year of study 
(i.e., subsequent to incomplete or unsatisfactory course work or an approved leave). To be making 
satisfactory academic progress, students ordinarily must complete the first two years of the 
medical school curriculum by the end of the third year after initial enrollment in the medical 
portion of the curriculum; the remaining requirements of the curriculum must be completed by the 
end of the sixth year after initial enrollment.
Requests for exceptions are subject to review by the Student Academic Progress Committee (SAPC).
A student is eligible for institutional financial aid for maximum of six years enrollment which is 
equivalent to 180 attempted credits.  To ensure students complete the program within the maximum 
time frame, student must meet a pace of progression of 67% at the end of each
semester. This will be measured at the end of the academic year.  Student is in eligible at the 
point of an evaluation where it is indicated maximum time frame will not be met, not just at the 
point when they officially reach the maximum time frame.

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